Worst Hurricanes in the History of the Caribbean

by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Since we’re still in the middle of the hurricane season and this year a huge hurricane has once more disturbed the clear waters and otherwise paradisaical peace of the Caribbean, I thought you might be interested in a brief inventory of the worst hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean.
Since the Columbus first sailed the Caribbean Sea, catastrophic storms have been recorded to hit this area of the Atlantic, sinking ships, destroying homes and killing thousands of people. Even if today’s equipment and weather monitoring satellites can predict the direction of a hurricane and estimate its intensity, humans are still not immune to the disaster brought by hurricanes.
The hazardous force of hurricanes is not to be ignored: the wind can reach impossible speeds and be the main cause of destruction, while intense rainfall and huge waves can cause floods, beach erosion and sink even a big ship. The highest intensity that a hurricane can reach is known as a category five hurricane. Unfortunately, such disastrous storms occur every several years in the Caribbean and their feared names are not something to mess with:

Hurricane Emily

by born1945

Hurricane Emily is one of the recent category 5 hurricanes, and fortunately one with only 17 fatalities. However, it represents one of the strongest hurricanes in history and also the hurricane with the earliest arrival: the hurricane formed in late July, 2005, quite an uncommon period for hurricanes. Heating Jamaica, Honduras, Cayman Islands and Mexico, the hurricane made $1 million worth of damages.

Hurricane Dog

With winds reaching 185 mph and its 60 hours of hell (during which the hurricane maintained its category five status), Dog was one of the most intense hurricanes in history. What it’s also unusual about this hurricane is the place of formation, somewhere in the Lesser Antilles, an area which is usually considered to be out of hurricane zone.

Hurricane Katrina

by christopher lotito

Hurricane Katrina was probably the most mediatized and likely the costliest hurricane in the recent history. The hurricane hit the Caribbean islands of Bahamas and Cuba in August 2005, but caused the maximum of damage in Louisiana and Florida. Killing thousands and wiping out entire neighborhoods, Katrina was followed by a lot of controversy and intense political debate.

Hurricane Allen

Hurricane Allen form 1980 is the holder of many records: it has reached category 5 status for several times, and for a short period the wind reached the incredible speed of 190mph. It was also the hurricane with the most long-lasting intensity: over 3 days of heavy raining and devastating winds.

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