Where to Taste the Best Rum in the Caribbean

by Elenadan

Rum is one of the many things we owe to the innovative spirit of Caribbean nations. While it’s hard to establish exactly where this flavored alcoholic drink first originated, we all know it quite well for its constant interference with pirate and sailor stories. Rum is also the ingredient for many delicious cocktails and mouthwatering cakes.
Same as with whiskey or any other national drink, the best rum is made at its birthplace, in the Caribbean islands. But exactly where to taste the best rum in the Caribbean? There are rum distilleries and even guided rum tasting tours all over the Caribbean, so feel free to choose among any of the following:


A popular cruise ship destination, Bahamas is among the Caribbean islands with a reputation for creating the most incredible rum derived drinks. Some popular rum distilleries are the Bacardi facility in Nassau (now apparently closed) and the Harbor Island Rum Refinery. Bahamas is also associated with the notable taste of Ole Nassau Rums.


by TreyDanger

Despite it being one of the most unfortunate Caribbean nations (poverty and natural disasters sees to stick to Haiti like glue), Haiti has managed to create some distinguishing rum brands. One rum brand native to Haiti is Barbancourt, one of the few rums that is still made entirely from sugar cane juice. The name has a French resonance because the rum factory was founded by a French entrepreneur.


Among rum tasters, Babrados is often regarded as the rum capital of the Caribbean. Malibu rum is produced here by the West Indies Rum Distillery. The Mount Gray distillery has its own visitor center, where you can sample rums and buy souvenirs. Doe to its several century experience in refining rums, Barbados can offer some of the most interesting varieties, like vanilla-scented or chocolate-scented rum.

Puerto Rico

by elenadan

Puerto Rico is another important rum producer in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico has a lot of the smaller, family owned distillery, where you can effectively see the whole process and taste the less commercial varieties. Ron de Barillito, Serralles and Bacardi are among the top distilleries on the island, but there is also a rum museum in Old San Juan, called Don Q Museum.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have played a major role in making rum the favorite beverage of the British marines. There are two historic distileris in the archipelago, and they are both worth a trip (taste). These are the Pusser’s Ltd (dating from the 17th century) and the Callwood Distilery.

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