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Dominica hotel

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Dubbed ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean‘ and the ‘Whale-watching capital of the Caribbean’, Dominica is a prime outdoor destination. While other Caribbean islands have welcomed the big resort chains and cruise ships, Dominica has adopted a totally different strategy. The island-nation does its best to preserve its nature and beaches unspoiled by massive tourism and to promote sustainable traveling. This is not to say that tourists are not welcomed in Dominica: quite the contrary. There are numerous hotels, guest houses and inns where to stay in Dominica, some of which can be quite luxurious. You’ll find none of the big all-inclusive resorts, though. Dominica accommodation is all about sustainability and eco-friendliness:

Luxury hotels in Dominica

In Dominica you won’t find the same luxury as in, let’s say, Bahamas or Virgin Islands, but there are plenty of coquette colonial villas and lodges that offer very high standards. Luxury accommodation can be found in various areas of the island, but keep in mind that these are less of the hotel or resort type and more likely villas or guest-houses. Villa-Vista, Fort-Young Hotel, Harmony Villa  or Villa PassiFlora represent Dominica at its best. If you prefer cottages to colonial-style villas, here is where you can find some of the most luxurious ones: Rosalie Bay Nature Resort, Pagua Bay House, Coffeeriver Cottages.

Dominica hotel

Luxury villa Dominica ©petersbar/Flickr

Budget and mid-range accommodation in Dominica

Most Dominica hotels, cottages and guest houses fall into these two categories: budget and mid-range. A short stroll around the island will reveal numerous Caribbean-style cottages and villas, many of which will accommodate tourists. Cocoa Cottages, Jungle Bay Resort & Spa, Citrus Creek Plantation, Ginger-Lilly Cottage are just a few of the places that offer decently-priced accommodation. Budget-travelers should search around Roseau, where plenty of inexpensive villas and cottages are available: Le Petit Paradis, Roseau Valley Hotel, Falls View Appartments etc.

Roseau panorama

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Eco-lodges in Dominica

Dominica the perfect destination for the traveler anxious to minimize his or her carbon footprint. The eco-lodges give you the chance to as stay close as possible to the island’s beautiful nature, without sacrificing your comfort. Whether they are located deep into the rainforest or close to some remote beach, these resorts and lodges vary in terms of prices, which makes eco-tourism in Dominica affordable to both the budget traveler and luxury seeker. Some popular hotels on this type are Papillote Wilderness Retreat, Calilisbie Lodges, Beau Rive and Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge.

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