What to Do in Curacao

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So, your much-expected holiday has finally arrived and here you are on the exotic island of Curacao! This is already a great deal to be happy about, but you’re probably already asking yourself what to do now that you are here. Or, rather, how you cam make the best of your Caribbean holiday?

Well, you should know that Curacao is a fun place to be, especially for those with a passion for diving, snorkeling or colonial history. This brief guide on what to do in Curacao presents some of the most popular activities on the island:

Scuba Diving

As you’ve probably heard one thousand times before, Curacao is a fantastic scuba diving destination. The island is surrounded by richly populated coral reefs, and the shallow, clear waters make many of these diving spots available to snorkelers, too. Curacao’s diving spots are also known for they accessibility – you can practically reach them directly from the beach, as the sea bottom suddenly drops.  The numerous ship wrecks are another incentive to try scuba diving in Curacao.

underwater picture

sea turtle ©laszlo-photo/Flickr


Curacao has preserved many of its colonial buildings, which makes it a very interesting place to visit from a historic and architectonic perspective. The waterfront of Willemstad with its multicolored Dutch houses had become a symbol of Curacao’s colonial charm. There are also quite a number of old forts in Curacao, of which Fort Amsterdam in Punda is the best known. Curacao has several nice museums, such as the Maritime Museum, Museum Kura Hulanda or the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum.


Willemstad ©Navin75/Flickr

Water Sports

Like most beach destinations in the Caribbean, Curacao is a paradise for water sports lovers. There are a wide range of activities available, which include, but are not restricted to sailing, boating, windsurfing or fishing. If you don’t fancy putting on a wet suit, but you would still like to explore Curacao’s underwater universe, the Seaworld Explorer submarines will be happy to take you in a fantastic journey at the bottom of the ocean.

Dolphin Encounters

The Dolphin Academy is by far one of the most popular Curacao attractions. Here you can get close to some of the most fascinating creatures living in the oceans: dolphins. The academy offers various types of dolphin encounters, such as swimming with dolphins, hug them or follow them deep under the water. If you have more time at your disposal, you can also enroll in one of their dolphin trainer classes, and learn how to train the playful dolphins.

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