Wedding Planning in Curacao

wedding on the beach

Caribbean wedding © Michael Bentley.Flickr

The Caribbean island of Curacao will make a great location for anyone keen on getting married in a tropical setting. Curacao has both the beautiful beaches and the facilities that you might expect from a prime Caribbean destination. The great advantage of getting married in a place like Curacao is that you can make your wedding as fancy or as intimate as you wanted. You can also plan your wedding from scratch, or sit back and let professional wedding planners in Curacao to do everything for you. Here are a few quick tips on wedding planning in Curacao:

Best time to get married

Because hurricanes are quite infrequent in Curacao, and the weather is sunny and warm year round, anytime is a good time to get married here. This will give you plenty of time and lots of versatility in planning your wedding. The winter months are slightly wetter than the summer ones, but rain usually comes in the shape of short daily showers.

wedding on the beach

Caribbean wedding © Michael Bentley/Flickr

Legal requirements

Even if you are not living in Curacao, it is perfectly legal to get married here, as long as you have the required documents. Usually, this means that you need to bring your original passport, birth certificate and, if this is the case, divorce certificates. You will also need legal translations of these documents, bearing the apostile. A marriage certificate is obtained at the town hall, in the presence of witnesses and only after making a marriage certificate petition.

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Curacao resort ©Ariela Curacao/Flickr

Best locations

There are numerous possible locations for a wedding around the island. Those planning a budget wedding can easily find a remote beach where they can arrange for a small ceremony. Another popular option with Curacao newlyweds is to rent a former plantation house or farm where to organize both the reception and wedding ceremony. Lastly, most of Curacao’s resorts will have a special wedding package, which can include anything from accommodation to catering.

Caribbean wedding

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Agency or freestyle wedding?

It is finally your decision whether you want your wedding planned by a local company or you want to take everything in your own hands. The advantage of going with an agency is that you won’t have to worry about every little detail, and things might run a bit smoother. Also, there are agencies that let you customize your wedding in detail, so you’ll get the maximum of flexibility. Of course, agency fees are not small, so this will add up to your wedding costs. If you opt for a minimal, DIY wedding, you should consider aspects like document legalization, flights and transportation around the island, accommodation and catering.



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