Visit Guadeloupe on a Budget

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If you fancy spending your next holiday on a tropical island, with hot golden sand under your feet, an ultramarine sea in front of you and the mysterious jungle at your back, then maybe you should consider booking a trio to Guadeloupe.

With its French heritage and tens of fabulous diving spots, Guadeloupe attracts visitors from all ages and categories, from adventurers to luxury-seekers. Most importantly, Guadeloupe can be one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean, presuming you know a few tips and tricks:

Budget Travel to Guadeloupe

The golden rule when it comes to traveling in the Caribbean on a budget is ‘choose your travel period wisely’. In the slow season (May-November), both travel and accommodation prices might drop till as much as 50%. Booking a travel+hotel pack might save you a few hundred dollars, as well. DIY travelers should start searching for an air ticket well in advance.

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Guadeloupe panorama ©manuel | MC/Flickr

The most important aspect when traveling to Guadeloupe remains the transport between islands. This is no problem if you plan on staying on just one island, but if you want to explore you must know that ferries charge at least 100$ for a cross. For transport on the islands, the two cheapest alternatives are renting a scooter and renting a bike.

Budget Accommodation in Guadeloupe

It is not hard to find inexpensive accommodation in Guadeloupe, but before you start searching you must decide what exactly is what you looking for. A week stay at a medium-priced all-inclusive resort might start at 1000$, however this includes both food and accommodation. Le Village de Canada, Le Jardin de Malaga, Langley Hotel fort Royal or Le Neem are just a few examples of inexpensive hotels in Guadeloupe.

outdoor patio

Guadeloupe bungalow © Toprural/Flicrk

Budget Activities in Guadeloupe

Once the issue of accommodation has been settled, the next thing to consider are daily expenses. And this is one aspect of visiting Guadeloupe on a budget which can allow you to save some good money. Just think about it: with so many wonderful beaches around, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming at no cost, and first class snorkeling spots at the modest costs of basic snorkeling equipment. Budget travel gurus will tell you that the best things are often for free, and nothing can be more true when it comes to Guadeloupe. Hikers will have several wonderful islands at their disposal, and there will also be some nice biking trails. Traveling in a group might also help you cut the costs of popular activities such as fishing trips, canyoning excursions or sailing trips.

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snorkeling in Guadeloupe ©Jérémie Janisson/Flickr

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