Unusual Attractions in the Caribbean

by neils photogtaphy

A travel guide to Caribbean attractions is usually a guide to relaxation and pampering, to secluded beaches and underwater treasures. But there is also a less known side of the Caribbean, that of the unusual, bizarre and mythical. Wherever you travel in the Caribbean you’ll encounter stories and legends about haunted shipwrecks, fierce pirates or magic practices. With all the legends and eccentricities around, the oddity amateur won’t surely get bored while traveling in the Caribbean. There are also places which are strange through their very nature, like the following unusual attractions in the Caribbean:

Alux Restaurant and Lounge, Cancun, Mexico

This Mexican restaurant has one of the most uncommon settings in the whole Caribbean and probably in the Americas, as well: a natural cave. The cave is quite large and displays wonderful formations, which have been masterfully highlighted by colored lamps. It’s worth taking a restaurant/cave tour before sitting down at the table and maybe admiring the minimalistic bar as well.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island

by fevi-yu

The Caymans are a group of tiny volcanic islands praised for their scuba diving spots. They are also home to an unusual number of stingrays, fascinating sea creatures that can be observed for hours at Stingray City. If you are thinking some animal made underwater settlement, it’s not the case, but the place still will won’t disappoint you – you’ll get the unique opportunity to swim and interact with tenths of stingrays.

Plymouth, Montserrat

by mike schinkel

What was once a paradise island is now covered in volcanic ash due to a devastating eruption which occurred in 1995. The capital of Montserrat, Plymouth has now become a ghost town and all the inhabitants have been evacuated. Montserrrat is not an attraction per se – the view is desolating and due to the ongoing volcanic activity, you won’t be able to step on the island – but it’s possible to rent a helicopter and watch an active volcano from a safe distance.

Cayman Shoe Tree, Cayman Islands

Once again Cayman Islands capture everyone’s attention with a very unusual attraction: a shoe tree. Two environmentalists living on the islands decided to clean up the beaches of abandoned shoes and make this weird monument. So far they have pinned several hundred flip flops on the bark of a huge tree, and even made a Facebook page for the shoe tree in order to raise awareness.

Moving Coffins, Barbados

Last but not least, here comes the spookiest attraction for today. Several miles out of the capital Bridgeton there is a now empty vault which once belonged to the Chase family. Each time a burial took place, the older coffins were found in another order, despite the fact that there were no signs of vandalism, flood or earthquake. Official investigations lead to no conclusions. Reality or myth? Find out yourself.

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