Top Highest Volcanoes in the Caribbean

Dominica volcano

misty mountains Dominica ©gailf548/Flickr

Volcanoes are a common sight in the Caribbean. Because about a half of the Caribbean islands were formed through volcanic activity, in your Caribbean travels you will often see pointy volcanic peaks raising at several hundred meters above the sea level. While volcanic peaks make Caribbean islands look much more spectacular, they also come with some major disadvantages: some of them are still active and can cause major damage. This makes them dangerous but also very fascinating for adventurous tourists. So if you fancy traveling to the Caribbean and climbing a volcano, these top highest volcanoes in the Caribbean are certainly worth considering:

1. La Grande Soufrière, Guadeloupe

The tallest volcano in the Caribbean can be found in Guadeloupe. It rises at 1467m above sea level and it is located on the island of Basse-Terre. This is still an active volcano, and its last eruption took place only few decades ago, in 1977. A popular climb in Basse-Terre – which home to several protected areas – La Grande Soufrière offers hikers a thrilling experience. The view on top is magnificent in a clear day, and you’ll also have the rare occasion to see a smoking volcano caldera.

La Soufrière volcano

La Soufrière ©sybarite48/Flickr

2. Morne Diablotins, Dominica

Dominica’s nature is famous for its untouched beauty. The highest point on this mountainous island is the peak of Morne Diablotins. Unlike many other Caribbean volcanoes, Morne Diablotins has no recent eruption record. The mountain and surrounding area have a national park status, being home to and endemic species of parrot and a rich fauna.

Dominica volcano

misty mountains Dominica ©gailf548/Flickr

3. Mount Pelée, Martinique

Mount Pelée is probably the scariest volcano in the region – and one of the deadliest in terms of human casualties. It is a very active volcano, whose 1902 eruption caused the deaths of thousands of people and destroyed and entire town. This much feared volcano can erupt anytime, this is why the area is constantly monitored by vulcanologists. The last eruption took place in 1932.


view from Mt Pelee ©jessyFlash2vie/Flickr

4. La Soufrière, St Vincent

Not as tall as Mount Pelée, La Soufrière volcano in Windward Islands is the 4th highest in the Caribbean, and one of the most active. The two volcanoes also seem to be connected: the biggest recent eruption of La Soufrière took place in the same day as the infamous Mount Pelée eruption of 1902. It also claimed the lives of over 1600 people. Despite the morbid statistics, the mountain offers a truly spectacular hike, a beautiful ascent through lush tropical forests, ending on a bare, misty summit.

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