Top five landmarks in the Caribbean

Santo Domingo facade ©Adam Jones, Ph.D./Flickr

The Caribbean region is certainly a region of great diversity and not the kind of place where one becomes bored easily. Its much appreciated beaches, clear waters and quality all-inclusive resorts make it a favourite destination with holidaymakers, but it’s important to remember that the Caribbean are also rich in cultural, historic and natural attractions. A vacation in the Caribbean shouldn’t resume to lying in the sun: there are plenty of interesting places to visit and explore. Here’s a short description of the top five landmarks in the Caribbean:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

When it comes to colonial Caribbean charm, San Juan and Havana are the first entries into every travel guide. However, in case you decide to go against the trend and book a trip to Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo, you won’t regret it. With a historic district that is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Santo Domingo offers an open air museum of colonial architecture, with remarkable churches and residential buildings.

Stigray City, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer lots of attractions for the water-loving tourists, however none are as popular as Stingray City. Even though through this is not the only attraction of this kind in the Caribbean, the Stingray City on the Grand Cayman island is known for the impressive population of stingrays and the clear, shallow waters which allows visitors to swim with them and even pet them.

La Soufriere Volcano, St Vincent

la soufriere ©ctsnow/Flickr

Volcanoes are a common sight in the Caribbean, but few have the beauty of La Soufriere Volcano on island St Vincent. For fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, St Vincent is one of the filming locations of this popular franchise. La Soufriere is an active volcano and the hike is strenuous, however the panorama you’ll be able to admire once you reach the summit is breathless.

Buck Island Reef, US Virgin Islands

This truly monumental marine park is the perfect spot to observe the Caribbean underwater flora and fauna at its best. You can swim and snorkel among hundreds of species of tropical fish, rich coral forests, turtles, as well as some small shark species.

Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica

beautiful dominica ©kretyen/Flickr

Those of you that are interested in natural attractions must definitely include Dominica on their list. This island is very different from the usual Caribbean resorts and often regarded as a natural, untouched tropical paradise. The Morne Trois Pitons includes a great diversity of volcanic and thermal features (like hot pools and sulphide lakes), together with amazing waterfalls and the lush vegetation that is specific to this area.

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