Top Beaches in Guadeloupe

guadeloupe beach 1©rachel_thecat/Flickr

The French speaking archipelago of Guadeloupe in the Lesser Antilles offers an amazing diversity of beaches. The variety of sands and landscapes that can be found throughout this amazing cluster of tropical islands will allow you to customize your beach escape to your liking. And ”customize” is not just a metaphor here: beach lovers can choose between golden and silver sand beaches with their shady palms, almost untouched beaches which are naturally, and picturesquely decorated with rocks and shrubs, or the unrivalled snorkelling beaches which are typical for Guadeloupe. No matter what your choice and preferences, it is worth checking out these top beaches in Guadeloupe:

Grande Anse

Allegedly the most beautiful island in the whole archipelago, the Grand Anse is situated in Deshaires, and stretches its golden sands over approximately one mile. Tourists based in Basse-Terre will immediately fall in love with this serene beach, bordered by tall palm trees and some of the clearest water in the Caribbean.

Anse de Vieux Fort

Guadelopue beach 2©Guillaume Cattiaux/Flickr

Another superb beach in Guadeloupe, Anse de Vieux Fort represents the ideal beach escape. The fine sand and turquoise waters are the standard in Guadeloupe, but this Anse de Vieux Fort is among those few places where you won’t need to sun bathe side by side with a thousand other people. To compensate for the solitude of the place, you can take short walks around the beach and explore the nearby swamp and its fauna.

Le Moule

Like most of the islands in this area, Guadeloupe has beaches facing both the warm Caribbean Sea and the sometimes unpredictable Atlantic. But its vicinity with the Atlantic doesn’t make beaches like Le Moule seem less desirable. Quite the contrary: with good facilities, a wide choice in terms of accommodation and delicious food to enhance one’s experience, Le Moule is among the most popular beaches in Guadeloupe.

Anse de Souffleur

Guadeloupe sunset©Guillaume Cattiaux/Flickr

Close to Port-Louis you’ll find this premiere beach with great facilities and amazing natural setting. Its trees and exotic flowers are the main reason why tourists come in such great numbers at Anse de Souffleur. Very close to the beach a wide selection of restaurants invite you to taste the best of Caribbean and French cuisine. And a relaxing day at the beach has all the chances to become an unforgettable night out, as Port-Louis is one of those spots in Guadeloupe that are mostly famous for their nightlife.

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