Top Five Beaches in Curacao

The Caribbean island of Curacao is well-known for its diving spots, but its several dozen white sand beaches are just as worthy of one’s attention. Practically, it’s all about the shallow, deep blue waters that make Curacao’s beaches and diving spots second to none. Before moving further into exploring the top five beaches in Curacao, I should tell you that not all of Curacao’s beaches are suitable for swimming, even though diving is usually practicable around most in them. There are also a considerable number of less known and off the beaten path beaches, which makes Curacao and ideal honeymoon destination:


Less common with the regular tourists, Westpunt is a true gem for divers. The beach is guarded by a natural wall made of high cliffs, which descend into the crystalline waters. These cliffs make a great base for acrobatic jumping, so persons passionate with this spectacular sports can often be spotted in the area.


by lodewijk van den broek

With a name that might resonate with ‘the Blue Bay’, this is one of Curacao’s favourite beaches. It’s a touristy beach so one can expect it to be quite crowded in the weekend, however the unusual blue color of its waters it’s well worth the price. Baluwbaii is also a very convenient – as one of the touristy beaches it has all the essential amenities plus some nice restaurants and bars.

Playa Marie Pompoen

This beach is a local’s favourite due to the good restaurants in the area and the excellent diving spots. It’s one of the places where divers have direct access from the beach so they don’t have to rent a boat. Being a locals’ beach it’s also rather crowded during weekends, but during weekdays the well-informed beach goers and divers can have it all for themselves.

Playa Kaliki

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This beach is mostly regarded as a diving location than a beach per se – it’s actually one of the nicest diving spots in the whole Caribbean region. There are lots of underwater beauties to explore, like gorgon forests, several coral species and even some underwater wrecks. At the end of the diving session tourists can enjoy the narrow, but tranquil and exotic beach.

Playa Cas Abou

A top rated Caribbean beach, Playa Cas Abou is never lacking the usual crowd of beachgoers. But one shouldn’t feel intimidated by the number of tourists: this beach is truly beautiful and also reasonably big, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy its fine, silver sands and turquoise waters.


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