Top Family Activities in Dominica

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Among all Caribbean islands, Dominica seems to be the one with the highest level of commitment when it comes to preserving the natural beauty of the region. You will see no big all-inclusive resorts and no chain restaurants in Dominica. So while Dominica offers the same quality beaches as the rest of the Caribbean, it also offers you the chance to explore unspoilt nature and engage in outdoor activities that are not available in other parts of the Caribbean. This is one good reason why this island makes such a great family holiday destination, especially when considering these exciting, top family activities in Dominica:


The waters of Dominica are as clean and rich as the island itself. There are some really nice diving spots around the island, but you don’t need to go into all the trouble of taking diving lessons if you are traveling with small children or your extended family. The alternative is much less expensive and just as fun: buy/rent some basic snorkeling equipment and start your underwater exploration. Children will love to discover the colorful corals, fish and shells that can be found in Dominica’s waters.


Dominica is the kind of wonderful place where you can spend your morning on the beach and your afternoon swimming in some well-hidden fresh-water pool, in the very heart of the jungle. The island is covered by lush tropical forests, which often hide spectacular waterfalls, lakes and even thermal features like hot pools. The are numerous places to explore around Dominica, and the trails, although difficult due to the difference in elevation, are well marked.

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Get a taste of village life

The rustic side of Dominica can also represent a possible theme that one active family might explore. Dominicans try to keep their lives as simple as possible, so there are plenty of farms and private gardens on the island. This will give your children a change to indulge on local fruits, and learn about the exotic vegetable and spices they have only seen in processed form at the supermarket (such as coffee, or sugar cane). Some guest houses are also keeping it simple, with their Eco-bungalows and traditional food.

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Spot a whale

No trip to Dominica, the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean, can skip this extremely exciting activity form its itinerary. Whales have made the waters of Dominica one of their favorite meeting points, so chances are high to see these fascinating creatures during one of the numerous guided boat rides available.

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