Top 5 Golf Courses in the Caribbean

by more than golf

With the abundance of sun and laid back atmosphere, the Caribbean seems like the perfect place for golfing. While sunbathing, diving and shopping are by far the most popular activities that tourists involve in when traveling into the Caribbean, a golf session can be the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. As you might have expected, golf courses are quite popular in the Caribbean: those staying at a major hotel or resort will very likely get free access to a golf course. However, golf aficionados might be interested in taking a look at one of these top five golf courses in the Caribbean:

The Links Grand Cayman Golf, Grand Cayman

by fevi yu

This golf course in the Cayman Island is somehow iconic for the type of golf courses you are likely to find in the Caribbean: fresh breeze, lots of green and the relaxing sound of sea accompanying you. It’s not a particularly difficult golf course, however its proximity to the Seven-Mile Beach makes it a very popular one.

Trump International, the Grenadines

The Trump International on the Grenadines prides itself with one of the finest golf courses in the whole region of the Caribbean.  The first think that will strike you as fantastic is probably the view (the golf course is situated on a high promontory, amid a lush forest).  A special precaution must hence be taken whenever approaching this course’s strategically places holes: with all the fabulous nature around, you might forget that you’re in the middle of the game.

Mahogany Run Golf Course, St. Thomas

Its challenging 18-hole design and the picturesque setting are the two reasons why Mahogany Run Golf Course is one of the best that one can find in the Caribbean.  Another great aspect about it is that, as the only golf course on the island, it is open 7 days a week to the great public (no favoritisms with this one).

Port Royal, Bermuda

by david stanley

And speaking of exclusivity, the Port Royal golf course can be definitely counted as one of the top five golf courses in the Caribbean. Elegance and class are the two key terms that could best describe this private access golf club, whose brilliant design makes it not only accessible to less skilled golf players, but it also highlights the natural beauty of this Caribbean island.

Half Moon, Jamaica

Reserve the best for the end says a common philosophy. While the golf course at the famous Half Moon resort in Jamaica might as well be the best in the whole Caribbean, the only way to prove it is by checking it out yourself.  Tradition and versatility recommend this flawless course, but the most important thing that golf beginners should remember is that this is the place to boost their skills.


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