Top 5 All-inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean

all-inclusive resort

Jade Mountain ©Numinosity (Gary J Wood)/Flickr

All-inclusive resorts are widely spread in the Caribbean, and are one important reason why so many people choose to spend their holiday here. With their own beaches, pools and restaurants, these resorts offer holidaymakers a safe environment and competitive rates, so no wonder that they can be found almost everywhere in the Caribbean.

But of course, there are resorts and resorts and it is important to know what exactly does your all-inclusive resorts have to offer. For example, some of these resorts can very very small and intimate, while others might seem as large as a town (Atlantis in Bahamas is an example of this). Also, some Caribbean all-inclusive resort have and adult-only policy, while others are so luxurious and expensive that they are only frequented by millionaires and Hollywood stars. Here are a few example of popular resorts you might like:

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

This luxurious resort on the island of St Lucia is well-worthy of its name: every time you will go out on the balcony, you will be greeted by the breath-taking sight of the two ‘jade mountains’ – two volcanic peaks covered in deep green vegetation. And exceptional views aren’t the only assets of this resort: you’ll also get to try out a range of water sports, learn how to cook gourmet food or take yoga and fitness classes.

all-inclusive resort

Jade Mountain ©Numinosity (Gary J Wood)/Flickr

Sandals Emerald Bay, Bahamas

Honeymooners will love this one: with its ideal location in the Bahamian Out Islands, the resort offer couples not only intimacy, but also the finest silver sands and most ultramarine waters they’ll ever find. Plus, their romantic travel packages are hard to compete with: sunset dinners on the beach, private cabanas and bubble baths are only few ways in which you can indulge at Sandals Emerald Bay.

Pirates Point Resort, Cayman Islands

Now here is one for foodies: the Pirates Point Resort on Little Cayman. This small resort has only 11 guest rooms, and and idyllic setting among secluded beaches and ornamental trees. Conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling are excellent, but nothing can outmatch the food. The resorts’ chef, who is also the owner, was trained in Paris by some of the world’s best chefs.

Half Moon, Jamaica

Jamaica cannot be ignored when it comes to finding the top 5 all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. The Half Moon Resort near Montego Bay is one of the country largest and most famous resorts. With over 3 kilometers of beach, the resort offers you plenty of space to play and explore. It also offers several different packages, some of which are so ‘all-inclusive’ that you won’t have to lift a finger.

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Montego Bay ©sun dazed/Flickr

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

Last on out list is this medium-sized resort on the island of Grenada, also known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean. This luxurious resort has made a policy out of spicing everything up: the picture-perfect beach and sea are complimented by the modern design of the villas and suites, while the food is literally spiced with local ingredients.

coast of Grenada

Grenada ©roger4336/Flickr

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