Top 3 Biggest Caribbean Beaches

beach at sunset

Bavaro beach ©DrPleishner/Flickr

With thousands of kilometers of beautiful, tropical beaches, the Caribbean are among the world’s favorite holiday destinations. You’ll find a great diversity of beaches here: golden beaches, white beaches, pink beaches, surf beaches, secluded beaches and also private beaches. Some Caribbean beaches are so small that you can hardly spread a beach mat, while some are kilometers long. Today, however, we’ll take a look at the top 3 biggest Caribbean beaches:

17-Mile Beach, Barbuda

Some say about this beach in Barbuda that it is the longest in the whole Caribbean region. But it is the beauty, not the length that make the 17-Mile beach a Barbuda a must-see. Just imagine yourself surrounded by the clearest, warmest sea you’ve ever seen, a sand as white as sugar and nothing else.


7 mile beach ©beltzner/Flickr

You can walk for hours without meeting another soul. Although the facilities on this beach are minimal – or maybe exactly for that reason – the 17-mile represents an ideal beach for anyone who appreciates water, sun, long walks and nature in general.

7-Mile Beach, Jamaica

Jamaica’s Negril Beach is one of the best known in the Caribbean. The area is very developed, with numerous hotels and resorts, but for some reason it has managed to preserve its bohemian, laid-back atmosphere.

secluded beach

Barbuda beach ©Squish_E/Flickr

The 7-mile beach is the heart and soul of Negril: here you can find an eclectic agglomeration of resorts, which offer anything from private luxury villas to nude beaches. As for the beach itself,  despite the numerous portions where access is restricted to the guests of various resorts, you should know that it is one of the finest beaches on the island, with tall palm trees and powdery sand.

Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic

The beauty of Punta Cana beaches is no longer a secret: the numerous resorts in the area are proofs of this. With a total length of  more than 6 miles, Bavaro is the typical Caribbean beach. Here you can find not only the picture-perfect combination of water, sand and sun, but you can also have a go at various water sports and activities.

beach at sunset

Bavaro beach ©DrPleishner/Flickr

Due to the perfect swimming and snorkeling conditions, Bavaro receives impressive numbers of tourists every year – some estimate that the beach is visited by as much as one million tourists! But this is no reason to avoid Bavaro: there is plenty of room for everyone, and it would be a pity to miss out the opportunity to admire this exceptional beach!

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