Tips for Picking your Ideal Caribbean Destination

by joe shlabotnik

Choosing your destination in the Caribbean might prove to be the biggest challenge in your vacation: with all the superb islands in this mysterious sea and all the fascinating people who inhabit them, picking the right destination it’s not easy. Let me make myself clear: there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing your holiday destination, but the success of your vacation might ultimately depend on your idea of what the Caribbean is supposed to represent. Does it mean a noisy street party of a remote beach? Based on this common-sense assumption, here come some useful (I hope) tips for picking your ideal Caribbean destination:

Romantic honeymoon or stag party?

by grand velas riviera maya

Before starting to surf the web in search for the most idyllic Caribbean scenery, it’s important to klnow the purpose of your vacation: is it a romantic escape, a honeymoon, a family holiday or a group vacation? This aspect is very important as you don’t want to spend your honeymoon in a busy place like Cancun, Kingston or San Juan, just like you and your friend’s wouldn’t like to end up on a remote beach when all you wanted was a noisy nightclub.

Parlez-vous Francais/Habla Espanol?

A variety of languages are spoken in the Caribbean. Even though Creole languages are the languages spoken by the majority of Caribbean people, English, French and Spanish are just as popular. If you speak one of these languages and don’t feel comfortable about traveling in a country whose language you don’t understand, you might also choose your destination according to its official language(s). English is widely spoken in the US and British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Bahamas and Jamaica. Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are generally referred to as the Spanish Caribbean. French is spoken in Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin as well as Haiti.

Relaxation or Adventure?

by mcclouds

Choosing the ideal Caribbean destination depends a lot on one’s interests – before anything you must ponder on what exactly you ould like to do/see during this vacation. An adventurous person will get bored in an all-inclusive resort or aboard a cruise ship, just as more prudent tourist might be reluctant to sleep in a tent. Bermuda, Bahamas or Cancun are famous for their world class all-inclusive resorts, while islands like Dominica are at the opposite end: no big hotels, no boutiques and no fast food franchises (you might also prefer this island for its fabulous whale spotting opportunities and great hiking trails).

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