Tips for Duty Free Shopping in the Caribbean

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There are many things you can get out of a Caribbean beach vacation: a good tan, a more relaxed mind, some new skills like diving and snorkeling and most likely a ton of beautiful pictures. But no matter what attractions and activities you might involve in, it’s almost impossible to imagine a trip to the Caribbean without the usual shopping spree. Almost any soul wondering around this mysterious sea will thill you the Caribbean makes a fabulous shopping destination. Nothing is forbidden in this shopper’s paradise, from luxury boutiques to street vendors selling artisanal products, there will be always something to tempt you. Another great thing about the Caribbean are duty free shops. As most of the big cities are also ports, the porto fanco status still applies in many places – hence the tax free shops. In case you might be looking for places to buy discounted perfumes, drinks or other luxury items you will find these tips for duty-free shopping in the Caribbean to be quite useful:


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The Dutch colonial style port of Willemstad is allegedly the duty free capital of the Caribbean. Along the historic waterfront and town center one can encounter the greatest concentration of duty-free shops and up market stores. There is much to explore in this tax-free shoppers paradise, but do keep in mind that you won’t be able to carry all the products along with you – there is a special policy at work here which requires all merchandise to be shipped instead of picked up directly from the store.

St. Martin

An island with two capitals and three distinct cultures (Dutch, French and Creole), St. Martin or St. Marteen is another favorite destination for shoppers cruising the Caribbean. Those looking for the big names in the fashion industry will be delighted to find so many luxury boutiques in such an exotic, beautiful setting. Good quality rum is also one of the luxury items which people prefer to buy in St. Martin.

Grand Cayman

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The tax free stores and boutiques represent one of the main attractions for the hundreds of cruise ship passengers arriving each day at George Town terminal. Expensive jewelry, perfumes, and first quality china represent the usual merchandise on display, but you might as well find some really nice locally produced crafts.


Great shopping is to be expected all around Barbados, but the shopping district of Bridgetown is probably the best place to start from. As we all know, Barbados is famous for his rum, but anyone shopping on the island will soon notice the amazing variety and the quality of jewelry which is to be found on this Caribbean island.

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