Tips for cutting costs during your Caribbean holiday


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When you and your family are far away on a beautiful beach, enjoying the tropical sun, one of the last things that crosses (or should cross) your mind is money. This is quite understandable: who would want to spend their vacation constantly worrying about money? However, before you can let go of this delicate subject, it’s important to be aware of the hidden and unexpected costs some your holiday might apply. With a little forward thinking a careful planning, you might be able to avoid unnecessary vacation costs even before you’re in the situation. And I hope my list of tips for cutting costs during your Caribbean holiday will just do just that:

Telephone Costs

I bet most of us have at least once found themselves in the situation of arriving home after an amazing vacation, just to find an astronomical mobile phone bill waiting for them. Roaming costs can be a real problem, so this is why it’s important to monitor your calls carefully. The first thing to do is check with your provider and see exactly what are the costs. If you cannot refrain yourself from calling your buddies every day, you cal also try alternative ways, for example using your hotel’s wi-fi to chat/call online or buy a prepaid international calling card.

Cuban cars

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Transportation costs

Transport can be quite a problem when traveling in the Caribbean. Although taxis are widely available, this can be a very expensive way of moving around. And alternative would be to check the local transport network: there will usually be buses or vans connecting the bigger cities and towns. If you travel in a larger group, renting a bigger car/mini-van can be an option. Also, you could try renting a bike for the length of your staying: not only is this cheaper, but it will also keep you fit.


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Attraction costs

Attraction tickets can make a big whole in your vacation budget, especially when you have a big family. One way to reduce entrance fee costs without having to spare you the pleasure of visiting places is by booking your tickets online even before your departure.


Indulging on the local cuisines is part of the whole Caribbean experience. Unless you book an all inclusive hotel, providing the daily bread can become a liability as far as your budget is concerned. Luckily, there will be plenty of stores and markets where one can buy delicious, fresh food, without having to eat three times a day at the restaurant.


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