Tips for budget travel in Curacao

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Few Caribbean islands can offer such amazing diving sports as Curacao. But scuba diving is just one of many reasons to book a trip to Curacao. This small island in the Netherlands Antilles is also great for fishing, and has numerous family-friendly beaches not to mention great shopping and restaurants.

Curacao has also a range of hotels and resorts that make it suitable for all pockets, and thus an ideal family and wedding destination. With some advance planning and money-wise decisions, everyone can enjoy a dreamy vacation on this wonderful Caribbean island without having to rob a bank for it. Here’s how:

Plan your trip in advance

I’m sure you’ve heard this advice many times before, but the truth is that its is never to early to start planning your trip. And it is worth doing so, cause you’ll often save considerable amounts of money. If you research your flights carefully, you might discover that there are smaller airline offering seasonal flights to Curacao at half the price of a regular air fare. Also, hotels and resorts are always looking to have their places confirmed as early as possible, which is why many of them offer early bird deals.

Curacao market ©roger4336/Flickr

Curacao market ©roger4336/Flickr

How to save food money

If you don’t care about eating in a luxury restaurant every day, there are several ways to fill your stomach and save money in the same time. Self-catering is a popular and inexpensive way to eat fresh and healthy food every day, but if you don’t like cooking you will discover that Curacao has lots of chain restaurants and fast-foods. Also, Curacao has a tradition of beach barbecues, which don’t cost much and are also fun.

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Cutting accommodation costs

When it comes to budget travel in Curacao, the easiest way to cut accommodation costs is to choose an inexpensive hotel or hostel. Curacao inns and guest houses offer the most competitive prices on the island. Backpackers will find that the island has a number of good hostels. As for big parties, they can either rent apartment/villa, or opt for an all-inclusive resort where the cost of meals and some activities is included.

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The great thing with vacationing in the Caribbean is that the best things – the sun, water, beaches, street parties – are free. A trip to the beach might not cost you more than the modest price of a bus ticket. Snorkeling is widely popular in Curacao and it only requires some basic, inexpensive equipment. So are fishing, nature walking or mountain biking around the island.


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