Tips for Booking a Cruise to the Caribbean

by markbyzewski

Cruises have become so popular, affordable and easy to book these days that one can get an entire vacation by the simple click of one button. Going on a holiday has never been so easy, it is what many people would say, especially when it comes to going on a cruise, where accommodation, meals, entertainment and, very important, a clear itinerary are all set/provided for you. But from another perspective, booking a holiday has never been harder: just think of all the offers on the market, all the possible accommodation types and destinations out there –even when we speak of a relatively compact area like the Caribbean.
Knowing a few essential tips for booking a cruise to the Caribbean might prove vital for the success of your holiday. So here are some really important thinks to keep in mind before hitting the ‘pay’ button:

Consider the costs

Finances are always an important aspect when planning a holiday. If you do your booking online, make sure you know what you are paying for. While the web is a great tool for finding discounted deals (for example, the price offered on the website of a cruise operator might be increasingly smaller than that at an agency), it might not offer you all the information about extra costs. Even if cruises seem to be on the very safe and comfortable extremity of traveling, you should keep in mind that cruising remains an expensive way of traveling. Think for example, of the plane tickets to the departure port, the food, drinks and entertainment you’re likely to pay for while on board, the shore excursions and souvenirs.

Types of cruises

by ggoldie

A common trend among cruise operator is to organize thematic cruises: make sure you do some documentation before you finalize the payment: you don’t want to take your kids of a gay cruise or spend your honeymoon on a noisy cruise meant for families. Many operators might have a schedule for serving the meals and all kind of policies in what concerns smoking, drinking etc. – it’s better to know that in advance rather than finding it out while you’re already at sea. Also, if you don’t like sports and don’t enjoy wildlife, an adventure cruise might not be your cup of tea.

Destinations, luggage and weather concerns

by markbyzewski

The Caribbean is usually advertised as an all year round, eternally sunny destination – which is usually true, except for the hurricane season (August to November). But except for the horrible weather and rain, hurricane are not actually a threat for cruise ships. Anyway, no reason not to pack a swimsuit and sunscreen! Keep in mind that not all the Caribbean islands can accommodate a vessel of such dimension in their harbour – cruises usually travel on very well-known and commercial routes (in case you want to adventure off the beaten path, you should consider the question whether cruising is suitable for you.)


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