Things to do in Guadeloupe

Like most of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe benefits from amazing beaches, calm, turquoise waters which are perfect for diving and warm, welcoming locals. And just like with any of these exotic destinations, it’s hard to ever get bored in Guadeloupe: its diverse flora and its underwater worlds are still to be discovered, while in the world of hotels and casinos new entertainment possibilities emerge every day. Plus, we are speaking of a whole archipelago here, which means that the views and facilities can be quite diverse.
This lovely Caribbean island seems to be naturally blessed with numerous attractions, this is why as a visitor you’ll find out that there are always things to do in Guadeloupe. You might however consider these suggestions for a start:

Get a tan

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The superb beaches is the main reason why people go to the Caribbean, so a swim and tanning session is the one thing you shouldn’t miss out. Guadeloupe is home to some fantastic beaches. Grand Terre island has some very popular beaches like those at Le Moule, Ste Anne and Port-Louis, but on the smaller islands you can also find a lot of smaller, secluded beaches. Just be careful as many of the beaches have a private access so you should always check beforehand.

Try your luck

Guadeloupe nightlife can be quite intense, especially for those deciding to try the best of their luck at a blackjack table. Gosier and St. Francois are the two locations for gamblers. Casinos in Guadeloupe are a common way to spend time, as they stay open till very late hours at night.

Release your senses

No matter what sports or activities you decide to try, you should never neglect the amazing cuisine of the Caribbean. Guadeloupe restaurants display a great variety of cuisines and cooking styles but delicious Creole food can also be bought from the street vendors. Spirit aficionados must definitely try some of the local varieties of rum.

Dive in

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It is not a secret that Guadeloupe offers some incredible diving spots. Jacques Cousteau, the father of diving and oceanography, considered this archipelago to be one of the best diving location in the whole world. He was also the one to set the basis for what is now called Reserve Cousteau, an underwater reservation protecting a live coral system.

Take a hike

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The world above the water in Guadeloupe can be just as fascinating. Most of the island of Base Terre came to be known as Parc National de Guadeloupe. Comprising mountains, rivers, rainforests and mangroves, as well as some amazing wildelife, the park is now a part of the UNESCO natural patrimony.

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