The blooming of medical travel in the Caribbean

Cayman Islands Beach

Cayman Islands beach ©H. Michael Miley/Flickr

Although US people travel all around the world for services under the umbrella of medical travel, there are some hot spots where much of this industry is centralized, like India, Thailand or the Caribbean. Naturally on some of the islands medical travel is blooming (modern and internationally accredited hospitals and doctors) while others are still in an early stage.

But professional services are not the only reason for traveling to the Caribbean for medical attention. The amazing, exotic landscapes and white beaches are at the same time great spots for a short vacation before or after a procedure.

Medical travel to the Cayman Islands and St. Maarten

The Cayman Islands is opening a brand new hospital – probably in February 2014 – called Health City Cayman Islands that specializes on patients coming from abroad – especially from the US. According to the estimations the facility will be attended by over 85,000 tourist-patients every year – it is huge business. They are already planning to expand the hospital into a 2,000 beds mega-clinic in the course of the next 15 years.

Cayman Islands Beach

Cayman Islands – imagine recovering here ©H. Michael Miley/Flickr

St. Maarten plans to attract an additional 100,000 medical tourists annually, who, of course, would also book accommodation, eat in restaurants, go souvenir shopping and so on. It is a big boost to the economy of the Caribbean island that is already a popular vacation destination.

Other Caribbean islands with blooming medical tourism

Jamaica started to construct its own hospital with up to 75 beds – later planned to expand to 200 beds, with North Carolina investors. When it is ready it will be specialized in dental procedures and cosmetic surgery mainly.

Army doctors performing surgery

Doctors performing surgery ©Army Medicine/Flickr

American World Clinics is planning to finish their 50 beds hospital in Barbados by April 2015. They are restoring an old private hospital for about $100 million… The same group is planning a facility with a specialization in medical travel for the Bahamas as well.

But one can also travel to Turks and Caicos Islands or to St. Kitts and Nevis for cheaper medical attention  in an exotic milieu as they also have their own, smaller or larger, hospitals for foreign patients with great doctors and high quality services.

One of the best things about the blooming of medical travel on the Caribbean and these new hospitals being built everywhere is that they will create new jobs and new opportunities for the people there. But US patients can also take advantage of the much much cheaper services and the scenic places for their recovery.

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