The Best of Caribbean Music Festivals

by haloocyn

A vacation to the Caribbean is the best way to let off the stress and get a nice tan. The laid-back atmosphere of the islands and the continuous parties are the best cure for tiredness and work-related frustrations. And once you’ve got other problems out of your way, you can just open your mind and years to the sensational music in this part of the world. The following manifestations are, as far as we know it, some of the best of Caribbean music festivals. I invite you to drop an ear:

Reggae SumFest – Montego Bay, Jamaica

by FRooGZ

Where else to listen to the best reggae music and most prestigious musicians than in the mother-country of this contagious genre? This year’s edition of Reggae SumFest is expected to take place between the 17 and 23rd of July. This means 7 days of fun, quality music and a chance to explore the Jamiaca’s capital, famous for its nightlife and dancehall competitions.

Tobago Jazz Experience – Trinidad and Tobago

The beautiful island of Tobago is host to numerous events throughout the year, including a famous carnival. Spring arrives in Tobago on the rhythms of a mellow jazz song. Tobago Jazz Experience is an experience indeed: in addition to an eclectic crowd and the great musicians, you’ll enjoy some awesome settings, as well!

Moonsplash Music Festival, Anguilla

With it poetic name and intimate setting, Moonsplash is far from the general idea of a festival. Moonsplash looks rather like a beach party with live reggae music on the background. No strings attached, just chilling under a palm tree with some fine jazz, blues or reggae to enchant your years. Bankie Banx, the festival’s host and an accomplished musician himself, is a local legend. Also, being a little out of the way of big festivals, Moonsplash is a great place to meet new talents and emerging voices.

Soul Beach Music Festival, Aruba

by rockinbree

In the last 10 or so years, Aruba has been host to an impressive display of talents, the Sould Beach Music Festival. A soul festival in an exotic location might sound a little strange, but the event comes with loads of fun.  Each year there are several comedians who join the musicians in their enjoyable effort to entertain the Aruba audience. Like most music fests, this one also occurs in spring, so if you want to join next year’s crowd of soul fans, make sure you plan your vacation for May.

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