St Martin Attractions for Kids

St Martin plantation

Loterie Farm ©Mike Roberts NYC/Flickr

The Caribbean island of St Martin has a lot to offer to its sun-hungry, fun-seeking tourists. Not only does it offer some of the best beaches and resorts, but its numerous restaurants and duty-free shops make it just as enjoyable during the evening as it is during the day. Plus, St Martin can be just as appealing to families as it is for honeymooners or retired couples taking a cruise.

If you are wondering how might this be, then check out these fabulous St Martin attractions for kids we’ve put together in today’s post:

Butterfly Farm

On of the few of its kind in the Caribbean, the Butterfly Farm in St Martin is the type of attraction that will fascinate both kids and adults. The Farm is quite similar to a botanic garden, except that wherever you look, you will see hundreds of colorful butterflies flying around. There is also a learning center, where visitors can learn about the life cycle of these beautiful insects, as well as a butterfly-themed gift shop.

Butterfly farm ©gailf548/Flickr

Butterfly farm ©gailf548/Flickr

Family Beaches

Beach activities are an essential part of every St Martin vacation. It’s important to know that not all St Martin beaches are suitable for children. However, you will find the kid-friendly ones to be very picturesque and suited for all kinds of activities. Le Galion is one of the most popular family beaches, and so are Pinel, Orient Beach and Grand Case.

St Martin Beach

Sandy Beach ©Carlton-Brown/Flickr

Loterie Farm

If there is one St Martin attraction that outgoing, fun-seeking families cannot miss, that is certainly Loterie Farm. Set in the middle of a tropical forest, this former plantation house offers exclusive dining and wine tasting. The trails around the farm offer some of the best hiking experiences on the island. But the greatest attraction at the farm is by far its ‘extreme’ zip-line, which takes you flying through the forest and can be found in 3 varieties: kids, adults and eco.

St Martin plantation

Loterie Farm ©Mike Roberts NYC/Flickr

Emilio Wilson Historical and Cultural Park

Learning about the local culture and history should be part of any trip. In St Martin, the best place to do this is Emilio Wilson Historical and Cultural Park. Here you will get the chance to visit an old plantation house and learn about colonization and slavery in a very interactive way. What is great about this living museum is that the plantation house and adjacent buildings have been preserved and look pretty much the same as they used to do 100 years ago.

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