Spectacular Caribbean Beaches

US virgin Islands

Trunk Bay ©F-H-Mira/Flickr

With its unrivaled clear waters, tropical forests, volcanoes and reefs, the Caribbean region offers a great variety of beaches and landscapes. Caribbean beaches can fit every taste and pocket, and can satisfy both the family owner in search for a relaxing, affordable holiday, as well as the eccentric millionaire in search for privacy and luxury. The great thing about booking a vacation in the Caribbean is that the average Caribbean beach has enough to surpass any continental beach: clean water, fine sand and a shady patch of palm trees. However, today I want to present you some remarkable, absolutely spectacular Caribbean beaches:

Pink Beach, Barbuda

The Pink Beach in Barbuda is worthy of its name: the sand of its beach is indeed pink (the result of washed out coral fragments) and it becomes even more so in the light of the spectacular Caribbean sunsets. The presence of coral also indicates great opportunities for divers and snorkelers, and amateurs of these water sports won’t be disappointed. Also, the Pink Beach is approximately 8 miles long, so there will be room for everyone.

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Barbuda ©wemissedthebus/Flickr

Sainte Anne Beach, Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe has built a strong reputation in the latest years as a premiere diving destination. This is less the consequence of good marketing and more likely the consequence of the island’s natural setting – its coral barriers and shallow waters create the perfect diving spots. Beach Sainte Anne is no exception to this: with its calm waters and fine white sands, the beach appeals to both divers and sun-seekers. Also, the beach is situated in a rather remote area of the island, so honeymooners, take notice!

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

This is one of the most beautiful, tranquil beaches. A long stretch of silvery sand and the shallow waters make this beach ideal for families with kids. The water is great for swimming and snorkeling, and there is plenty of space to built castles, play games and simply lay in the sun. Being a spacious beach, Shoal Bay is also used for wedding and vowel renewal ceremonies.

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shoal bay ©jsmjr/Flickr

Trunk Bay, St John

As most of the area of the US Virgin Islands represents a natural park, no wonder that many will refer to Trunk Bay as paradise on earth. An the truth is that this beach is not at all overrated:  surrounded by lush forests and turquoise waters, its sugary sands create a post card effect. With so much beauty to witness, the entrance fee is really not a concern.

US virgin Islands

Trunk Bay ©F-H-Mira/Flickr


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