Souvenir Shopping in the Caribbean

The Caribbean represents the kind of place that inspires even the least artistic nature to become a passionate photographer. The picture-perfect landscapes will surely result in some unforgettable snaps, but it would be a pity to have no memory of your Caribbean experience but some nice photos.
When it comes to souvenir hunting, the Caribbean offer an amazing diversity of products. The multiculturalism of the islands make all kinds of products available, from English porcelain to locally made rum. Souvenir shopping in the Caribbean can turn into a great experience: you’ll not only be able to acquire some interesting decors for your house or surprise your friends, but you’ll also get a taste of the island’s culture and interact with the friendly locals. This being said, here are a few suggestions on what objects/merchandise to buy when shopping in the Caribbean:


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In some of our latest posts, we have dedicated a whole article to this flavored drink which is native to the Caribbean islands. Barbados, Puerto Rico and Haiti are some great places to taste the delicious Caribbean rum. The purest and best quality rum is the one made of sugar cane juice: Zacapa, Barbancourt, Zaya.

Curacao liqueur

The Curacao liqueur with its distinctive blue color and bitter taste is another Caribbean trade mark. The original drink can be found, of course, in the island of Curacao, but today you can find plenty of varieties. You should know that despite the intensive blue color, the liqueur actually tastes orange (its flavor is given by a variety of orange grown on the island of Curacao).


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Diamonds are not native to Caribbean (which is quite understandable, if I come to think about it: having perfect weather and amazing nature AND diamonds would be incredibly unfair towards other countries) however they can be found on the majority of the islands. Caribbean ports that are visited by cruise ships are well known for their duty free shops and jewelry stores. Among the best known destinations for jewelry shopping are Barbados, Bahamas and St. Marteen.

Handmade crafts

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There are several kinds of crafts that are typical for the Caribbean. One of the most wide spread art is that of knitting palm fronds into hats, baskets or other kind of home objects. You will also discover that Caribbean craftsmen are very creative when it comes to transforming and decorating a coconut. Locally made glasswork and pottery are to be found on the Caribbean markets and in specialized stores, as well as the characteristic handmade carnival masks and dolls.

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