Smallest Islands in the Caribbean

If you ever looked at a map of the Caribbean, you’ve probably been surprised to see all those tiny spots in a sea of blue, spots that actually represent some Caribbean islands. The Caribbean, despite the many numbers and appealing images that come to your mind when hearing this word, is home to some of the smallest countries in the world. Some of the most popular tourist locations are islands with a surface of just a few square kilometers: you can tour them in a couple of hours. But on the other hand, isn’t a tiny, exotic, private island everyone’s idea of a natural paradise? With this beautiful image in mind, let’s take a look at the smallest islands in the Caribbean:

Isla Muheres

by mickou

Presumably the smallest of all Craibbean islands, this small strip of land off the coast of Mexico has a total surface of only 2 sq miles. But as small and unimportant as it might seem, the island actually holds vestiges of the Mayan civilization (in pre-columbian times, there used to be a sanctuary on the island). Today, the island makes a great refugee for those seeking to escape the buzzing Cancun and enjoy a lunch by the sea or dive into the coral reef.


Now here’s our ideal of a private paradise: officially part of the Grenadines archipelago, Mustique is actually a privately owned jewelry of an island. Despite its total surface of only 2.2 square miles, the island has an international airport, incredibly clean waters, diverse marine life and some chic luxury villas. And who exactly has the privilege of enjoying all these? Why, the rich and fabulous who get an invitation, of course.;)

Saint Barth

by pocketwiley

You’ve probably heard of St. Barthelemy (mostly known as St. Barth) before. What you might not know of this wonderful location in the French West Indies is that it‘s reduced to only 8.1 square miles – which is of little importance as here on the island you can indulge yourself of some of the best French and creole cuisine in the Caribbean, dreamy beaches and a drop or Caribbean history.

Little Cayman

by lyng883

Not so much can be said of the Little Cayman island, a tiny piece of land with almost no geographical features, except for: awesome diving spot!!! That’s right, here in the Caymans you can find some of the best snorkeling and diving spots, as well as some of the calmest, clearest waters in the Caribbean.

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