Popular Cruise Ship Destinations in the Caribbean

A cruise ship voyage is a common way to experience the diversity and exoticism of Caribbean islands. Such a trip can last anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks and it’ll give you the chance to see the busiest Caribbean ports. Bermuda, Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean with the US and British Virgin Islands and Western Caribbean with the Mexican Riviera and the Dominican Republic are the most popular itineraries, but some cruise lines will also adventure into the Southern Caribbean, with the smaller islands of Tobago, Dominica and Martinique.
With some many cruise ship deals around, it might be difficult on which itinerary to choose, so in today’s post I have decided to present you five popular cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean:

Hamilton, Bermuda

by mfairlady

Hamilton in Bermuda is not the usual cruise ship port, for very obvious reasons: its harbor cannot accommodate the big category vessels. But even if you’ll dock at the nearby King’s Warf, you still have to make an excursion in Hamilton and enjoy its colonial charm. Besides the great souvenir shops you can also try the Bermuda Maritime Museum and Underwater Exploration Center, as well as historic monuments like Fort Hamiltion and the cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

In Nassau Paradise Island one has the opportunity to discover both the creole culture with its exuberant dances and costumes and the colonial heritage. Also, it is home to Caribbean’s most luxurious resorts and top-notch restaurants, not to count the premiere beaches.

Gustavia, St. Barths

by Mike Schinkel

The capital of St. Barthelemy island hides few architectural or historic gems; it is,however, well known for its luxury boutiques and international restaurants. A popular activity among the visitors of Gustavia is hiking up to the several panorama points that overlook the beautiful harbor. You might also want to include the historic Fort Karl and Fort Gustav in your itinerary.

Willemstad, Curacao

One of the few Caribbean capitals with a UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Willemstand owes much of its colorful, historic buildings to the Flemish architectural style. Curacao was one of the islands colonized by the Dutch which is why its waterfront seems drawn by a Flemish landscape artist. Willemstad was home to a thriving Jewish community – the Snoga Synagogue stands as a reminder of this fact.

St. George’s, Grenada

by roger4336

This former Frech colony certainly doesn’t lack attractions of any kind, from a renowned carnival in August to historic buildings, forts and cathedrals. The mountainous geography of the island and the lush vegetation also make hiking a rewarding activity. Another attraction of St. George’s it the town’s tradition in the processing and export of spices, cocoa and sugar cane.

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