Popular Caribbean Sailing Routes

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There are many those who have sailed the Caribbean during the many centuries since the region has been explored. Once crossed by commercial ships and pirates, the Caribbean Sea is now a popular cruise ship destination. Which means many of those crossing this warm sea are in fact cruise ship passengers.

Nevertheless, for the professional and wannabe sailors the Caribbean remains a fabulous sailing destination. While the region in itself offers plenty of challenges and attractions to the experienced sailor, those willing to give sailing a try will find its calm waters to be the perfect training ground. Here are some popular Caribbean sailing routes that are worth considering:

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands form an archipelago in the Eastern Caribbean. Their closest neighbor is Puerto Rico. Like most Caribbean islands, the BVI have the warm Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic on the other. There are quite a few islands and islets in the archipelago, but what is really great about them is their compactness – with such small distances, you will hop on from island to island in a matter of hours. In addition to being very beautiful, these islands are also preferred by sailors for the ‘quality’ of their winds, which are moderate and rather stable (they blow from the same direction).

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ABC Islands

Situated close to the coast of Venezuela, the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao form a popular trio, commonly referred to as ABC islands. The most frequently invoked reason for adventuring into this part of the Caribbean is that the ABC islands are outside the hurricane belt. But there is much more than the lack of storms that attract sailors here. While Aruba is a gambling paradise with lavish resorts, Curacao and Bonaire is often regarded as the two best diving destinations in the Caribbean.

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Windward Islands

Another famous sailing route in the Caribbean is represented by the so-called Windward Islands: Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, and Grenada. These islands were named this way because of the strong winds that made it difficult for ships to approach them. While this is definitely a route for more experienced sailors, it is also one of the most beautiful you can choose. It is really worth the effort to set foot on all of the Windward Islands: not only are these islands known for the beauty of their beaches, mountains and forests, but each of them has countless stories to tell and irresistible local flavors to share.

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