Popular Caribbean Pirate Legends

by roger4336

The Caribbean wouldn’t be the magnificent destination it is today without its pirate stories and tales. Although most people’s idea of Caribbean pirates is reduced to the characters in the successful Hollywood sequel ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, there were in fact lots of pirates sailing the tempting Caribbean Sea in colonial times. Many of these people were is search of fortune and hidden treasures, while others were just looking to escape the law. But no matter what their reasons to become a pirate, they were skilled sailors and all followed a very strict pirate code.
Although the scary pirates are long gone, there are still plenty of popular Caribbean pirate legends wandering around. It’s hard to tell fact from fiction after so much time, but for your own entertainment here are some well-known pirates of the Caribbean:

Anne Bonny

by ack ook

Anne Bonny was one of the few female pirates we are aware of. Legend says that Anne Bonny became a pirate when she fell in love with Calico Jack. She was originally of Irish descent but after becoming a pirate she sailed the Caribbean Sea and she would often wear man’s clothes. The fate of Anne Bonny is still a mystery, as she was captured and nearly executed by the authorities, but escaped the death sentence by claiming she was pregnant.

Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan is also known as the ‘King of all Pirates’. He started off as a pirate in Jamaica and soon became a naval officer under the command of the King of England. Morgan was one of the bloodiest pirates but also a good commander, who fought Spanish ships. When finally captured and brought to London to be judged, his faith was to change one more: the king decided to honor him for his services and made him a knight.


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Blackbeard, by his true name Edward Teach, was probably the most feared pirate in history. His ship ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ was the terror of the seas for many years, and legend says that the very appearance of Blackbeard, with his two swords and his imposing height would make enemies surrender. The legend also mentions the last battle of Blackbeard, in which he fought till the last breath, despite the multiple bullet and sword wounds he received.

Mary Read

Mary Read was another woman pirate and her faith was closely related to that of Anne Bonny. Through an amazing coincidence they came to serve on the same ship and became close friends. Mary read was very skilled in passing as a man and came to be accepted as a member of the crew. She died in prison, of yellow fever.

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