Planning the Perfect Caribbean Wedding

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A wedding in the paradisiac decorum of the Caribbean is many couple’s dream. And luckily, in the age of cheap flights and unbeatable hotel deals, it’s also many couple’s dream come true. I’m sure there are no reasons for me to start and enumerate the advantages of a Caribbean wedding. What I can do, though, is give you a few quick tips on planning the perfect Caribbean wedding:

Best time to travel

Anytime outside the hurricane season (June to October) is a good time to plan your wedding in the Caribbean. Wintertime is the peak season in the Caribbean, so in addition to huge crowds you’ll also get the highest rates. Months like April and May can be the perfect compromise.

Practical tips

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There are hundreds of wedding planning agencies in the Caribbean, and they can take care of everything, from airport picking to legal formalities. Speaking of which, make sure you check the country’s laws and regulations concerning marriages before you go there. Some of the agencies specialize in international weddings so they might offer you support through email or phone.  Remember, though, that weddings – especially bigger ones – require plenty of planning and preparation so you must do everything months in advance. Nevertheless, quick unexpected weddings occur quite often in the Caribbean – so with a bit of luck you can have your very spontaneous and DYI wedding.

Favourite Caribbean wedding destinations

There are numerous factors to be taken into account when it comes for your wedding location. Do you want a beach wedding? Or would you like to be surrounded by lush vegetation and a beautiful waterfall? Or would you just prefer a fancy restaurant instead? There will be plenty of locations to choose from, just as there are many beautiful islands in the Caribbean that will be happy to host you. Some agencies even offer boat weddings or cruise weddings. Some of the hottest wedding destinations of the moment are Santa Lucia, Anguilla, Jamaica and Aruba.

Favourite Caribbean honeymoon destinations

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Another advantage of having a Caribbean is that, once your wedding is over, you can move directly into the honeymoon phrase. Islands like Dominica or Guadeloupe will offer you plenty of remote beaches which you can keep all for yourself.  Curacao and its fabulous diving places will bring the necessary adventure in your trip. For the best of shopping and exciting nightlife, try Jamaica, Barbados or The Dominican Republic.

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