New Year’s Eve Party Destinations in the Caribbean

by lindz graham

If you are bored of spending the New Year’s Eve in the same old restaurant or having your house trashed after a crazy party, then why not trying a new location? Somewhere far, somewhere exotic, somewhere fun! The Caribbean might just fit the description. While a far and away island will certainly bring a change of atmosphere in our life, the hot beach parties on the rhythms of reggae or calypso will be a great substitute of the usual New Year’s Eve bash. So take a look at these fantastic New Year’s Eve party destinations in the Caribbean and plan your next winter holiday:

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Brabuda might seem like an unusual choice, but once you get a first glimpse at this tropical paradise, you’ll find it hard it to depart. But it’s exactly the isolation that makes Antigua so dear to vacationers. Lots of celebrities and politicians are known to own houses in Antigua, but this doesn’t make it less accessible to commoners. As for a typical Antiqua New Year’s party, you can choose anything between a five star restaurant party and a beach party with free music and fireworks.


by ben sisto

Jamaica’s spirited music and its proverbial good humoured inhabitants can make anyone feel good, so spending the New Year in this beautiful island might be one of the most inspired choices you ever made. The big cities like Kingston , Port Royal and Montego Bay celebrate with fireworks and concerts,  while in the smaller resorts you might indulge yourself on last minute New Year offers.

Trinidad and Tobago

There is one good reason to choose Trinidad and Tobago as your 2012 New year party destination: unlimited parties. Starting with the Christmas Eve and ending in mid-February with the great carnival, Trinidad and Tobago will offer you a time to remember!

Unknown location, Caribbean Sea

by davidspinks

If you find it hard to decide for an island, you can always just book a cruise. You’ll either hop from island to island (no strings attached), or might just sail away with no worries. Not to mention that you’ll get a room, food and entertainment all in one pack (and maybe for a good price, too). But no matter where exactly in the Caribbean you will end up spending the New Year, you should know that fun time is guaranteed; you’ll also not have to worry about the cold weather outside and get a nice tan to start the year with. How’s that for a New Year resolution?

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