Mountain biking in the Caribbean

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Today we’ve decided to surprise you by describing a kind of activity that at first sight seems rather unbelievable: mountain biking in the Caribbean. But as crazy as it may sound, I can assure you that mountain biking is quite practicable in the Caribbean region. This is possible due to the fact that many of the Caribbean islands are of volcanic origin and have lots of mountainous areas and rough terrain. In the following paragraphs I will present you few of the places where mountain biking can be practised and which are also known for their beauty:


Part of the famous ABC islands group in the Southern Caribbean, Bonaire is not particularly known for its mountain biking trails. Which is also the reason why Bonaire can make such a brilliant destination. Bonaire has a variety or terrains and lots of little explored corners, so it’s not hard to find a dust road or some nice descents. Being surprised at every turn is what best defines the mountain biking trails in Bonaire.


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Now that I’ve mentioned Bonaire and the ABC islands, it would be fair to also mention the ‘C’ in the group, which is the island of Curacao. During the latest years this island has built a strong reputation as one of the Caribbean’s premiere mountain biking spots. Curacao even organizes a mountain biking competition which is part of the World Cup, the Amstel Curacao Race. The landscape is also superb: steep shores, narrow tracks in the rainforest and rocky beaches. There are also plenty of bike rental shops, but the usual choice it to pay a guide.

St. Lucia

The geography of St. Lucia makes this island a fabulous place for adrenaline seeking cyclists. St. Lucia is well known for its pointy mountain peaks and rough terrain, which attract hikers and mountain bikers alike. Although there aren’t such enormous mountains in St Lucia, a several hour tour will have you climb and descend several small mountains and hills, making St Lucia bike rides quite strenuous – but also highly rewarding, not only in terms of adrenaline but also in terms of unrivalled landscapes.


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Another popular and very nice mountain biking destination in the Caribbean is Jamaica. Jamaica is well known for its fine sand beaches, but few people know that the Blue Mountains in Jamaica make a excellent mountain biking destination. Descending the mountains’ slopes is true adrenaline pumping madness, but it is also worthwhile to stop from time to time and admire the unique flora, and taste the famous coffee in the area.

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