Most Unique Places in the Caribbean

by H F Mira

The Caribbean Sea itself is one of the most unique places in the world. Whereas centuries ago, the tropical islands in the Caribbean were at the sake of plantation owners and fierce pirates, today they represent a  very sought-after holiday destination. You’ll find great weather, beautiful beaches and friendly people almost everywhere you will travel in the Caribbean, but like everywhere in the world, the Caribbean region has those special kinds of places which are only reserved to connoisseurs and a few lucky ones. Here come some of the most unique places in the Caribbean:

Bubbling Volcano, Dominica

I must admit that the name of this place might be a little bit misleading. The Bubbling Volcano is actually a diving site in Dominica. Dominica has a lot of volcanic activity going on in its undergrounds, and the fizzy waters in the area known as the Champagne reef are a visible effect. The waters coming out from a underwater vent are quite hot, and contain all kinds of mineral that produce the cool bubbles in contact with the sea water.

Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Despite its popularity, I believe this place should still make it to my list of the most unique places in the Caribbean. These natural caves were formed in limestone and contain spectacular formations, stalactites, stalagmites and unbelievably clear underwater pools. Most importantly, the caves are open to the public and strategic lights show the best of them.

Trunk Bay, United States Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is possibly the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. And here I say possibly not only because tastes differ in terms of beaches, but also because few people get the chance to set their feet on this paradisiac island. Situated in a less accessible bay in St. John’s Island, this thin stretch of white sand is the only barrier between the turquoise waters and the deep green, luxuriant jungles on the shore.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

by jean & natalie

Dominica makes it to the list for the second time today, and again with one of its fabulous thermal features. The Boling Lake is situated up in Dominica’s mountains (which are in fact volcanoes, as you probably guessed) which kind of doubles its value. Not only you’ll get to see a rare phenomenon at the end of the hike (a lake whose water is literally boiling) but you’ll also enjoy the great nature of Dominica and the superb views on your way there.

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