Most spectacular private beaches in the Caribbean

deserted beach

Palm Island ©Mike’s Birds/Flickr

There are more beautiful beaches in the Caribbean that one can imagine: small beaches, big beaches, pink beaches, silver beaches, public beaches and secluded beaches. But what can be better or more romantic than having a heavenly beach all for yourself?

Well, the good news is that there are plenty private beaches in the Caribbean. And while some of these are reserved to those incredibly rich and famous persons who can afford to buy their own island, many are accessible for the common folk who wants to indulge. Here’s a list of possible destinations:

Petit St Vincent

As the name tells you, Petit St Vincent is a smaller replica of the island St Vincent. Covered by tropical woods and surrounded by shallow waters and picturesque beaches, the island is home to 22 luxury villas, which together form a private and very exclusive resort. While the luxury of the villas will make you feel spoiled, the tranquility and intimacy of the place will make you feel like you’ve reached your dream island. There are no phones, no TV, no internet, nothing but sky, water, sand and forest.


Isle Petit St Vincent ©lyng883/Flickr

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Ever wondered where those celebrities who don’t own their private island go when they want to enjoy a quiet beach vacation in the Caribbean? Well, Parrot Cay happens to be one of those few resorts that offer the privacy and opulence that celebrities prefer. While the beauty of this private will enchant even the most harsh critic, the services are worthy of a king: each sea-front villa has its own butler, hot tub and pool. Plus, guests get exclusive access to a superb, mile-long beach.

Secret Bay, Dominica

Dominica is in itself more private than other Caribbean destination, and the Secret Bay resort is even more so. Situated in a less populated part of the island, this boutique eco-resort offers you the experience of a lifetime. The two private beaches are some of the best on the island, the fresh food cooked with local products is fabulous, and there’s and endless list of activities you can try.

Dominica waters

Dominica shores ©cisc1970/Flickr

Casuarina Beach, Palm Island

St Vincent has quite a few private islands, however it is not often that you will find such a superb portion of uninterrupted beach as the one in Palm Island. This is by far one of the most spectacular private beaches in the Caribbean. And there is much more to enjoy at the Palm Island resort: let me just mention the calm and crystalline waters, the sumptuous rooms, the palm forest and the waterfall pool.

deserted beach

Palm Island ©Mike’s Birds/Flickr





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