Most Spectacular Eco-resorts in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean have witnessed a fast development of tourism in the last few decades, becoming one the the world’s most desired holiday destinations. Almost everywhere you go in the Caribbean you will find either a huge cruise ship anchored in the harbor, a luxurious villa complex or welcoming family resort.

But there are also exceptions. Countries like Dominica have refused to allow big hotel chains on its lands, focusing instead on the development of local and sustainable tourism. But you can find eco-friendly resorts almost anywhere in the Caribbean if you care to look for them and some of these are quite luxurious. Here are a few examples to show you what I’m talking about:

 Papilotte Wildreness Retreat, Dominica

Where else but in the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ could one expect to find one of the best eco-resorts in the Caribbean? Situated in the middle of a lush tropical garden, and surrounded by the scent of orchids and the rustle of hot springs, the resort combines the simplicity and comfort of Caribbean style cottages with the exceptional natural setting. Also, the natural spa is the perfect place to heal your sore feet after a long day of hiking through Dominica’s forests.

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Hotel Mocking Bird Hill, Jamaica

Jamaica is another destination popular with environmentally-aware tourists. Hotel Mocking Bird Hill in Port Antonio is one of the best examples of how nature, comfort and luxury can work together. There are 10 spacious rooms, each with their own bathroom and garden view. Rooms are decorated to the standards of a boutique hotel, yet using eco and local materials. The adjacent Mille Fleurs restaurant awaits guests with fresh seafood dishes and delicious Caribbean treats.

Natura Cabana, Dominican Republic

Natura Cabana in the Dominican Republic is a boutique hotel that puts a lot of effort in minimizing waste and protecting the environment. The resorts consists of several uniquely designed bungalows, built mainly from wood and stone. You’ll also get access to a common pool, a superb beach called ‘Cabarete’, and ‘Natura’ restaurant, where cooks take their ingredients straightly from the hotel’s garden.

resort caribbean

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CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, Anguilla

You couldn’t tell this chic eco-resort in Anguilla from any of the luxury resorts spread all over the Caribbean. Its white-washed hotel and surrounding garden evoke a Roman villa on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. But the most unusual feature of this hotel is the number of restaurants – five – all supplied by a huge green house which is adjacent to the hotel.

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