Most Romantic Wedding Spots in the Caribbean

by rcbodden

The Caribbean islands offer some of the most romantic settings for your wedding. Whether you want you wedding to be fancy and luxurious or rather intimate and simple, choosing the Caribbean as a location is a first step towards attaining the perfect wedding experience (unless you hate the sun and would like to get married in the undergrounds). But what which Caribbean island or nation is the most suitable for your wedding? Well, this pretty much depends on your budget and expectations. However, the following locations are widely accepted as some of the most romantic wedding spots in the Caribbean:


Anguilla might seem small but it has all the characteristics of a dreaming wedding location: some of the best white sand beaches, warm weather all year round, five star resorts, as well as isolated villas. Another great thing about it is that Anguilla is British territory, so English language is widely spoken.

St. Marteen

Those couples sharing a passion for exotic beaches and bargain shopping should opt for the island of St Marteen (this is the Dutch name, as the other half is under French rule and is knows as St. Martin). With its lively ports and superb beaches St. Marteen is perfect for the dynamic couples who want the intimate decorum but don’t want to get borred by too much sunbathing.


by kretyen

Right at the opposite end one can try the wild and secluded Dominica. If you are looking for the splurge hotels or the luxurious reception rooms, you surely won’t find them in Dominica. But stunning views and total privacy are the two things that Dominica can provide. Make you wedding as DIY and eccentric as you want or just settle for a package from a wedding organizing agency.


The proximity to the continent makes Bermuda one of the most accessible islands in the Caribbean. Bermuda awaits you with the same turquoise waters and shady palm trees as the rest of Caribbean, plus the increased changes to land a bargain travel offer. Paradoxically, Bermuda is one of the most tranquil and relaxing of all islands, partly due to the lack of cars and eco-friendly policies.


by gailf548

Tortola is a perfect choice for those looking to combine the grandeur of mountains with the disturbing song of the ocean. This mountainous island in the British Virgin islands is a preferred destination for luxury seekers, so you can make your wedding as sophisticated as you want. A boat wedding is also a popular choice.

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