Most Romantic Activities in Dominica

romantic sunrise

Dominica sunrise ©kretyen/Flickr

Are you considering Dominica as your honeymoon destinations or maybe as the terminus point of your next romantic escape? Well, then you’re making a great choice: this Caribbean island will get you closer then you’ll ever get to experiencing an earthly heaven. And all this for the price of a Caribbean holiday!

Of course, you might be wondering what makes Dominica such a romantic destination? Well, there are many things that can be said here. Dubbed the “Nature Island of the Caribbean’, Dominica never ceases to surprise visitors with the beauty of its beaches, jungles, lakes and rivers. Also, whether you are searching for intimacy or adventure, Dominica will have something to suit you. Here are some suggestions for an unforgettable romantic escape on Dominica:

Swimming under a waterfall

There’s only one thing that can be more romantic than a walk on the beach at sunset, and that is swimming in the crystal clear pool of a hidden waterfall! (But since we’re talking romantic sunset walks here, let me just mention that you’ll experience plenty of those in Dominica). Dominica gets plenty of freshwater from its numerous rivers, and it doesn’t take much to find one during your daily jungle tour. With their cool, crystal-clear waters, these waterfalls and pools are just like a natural jacuzzi and just perfect for cooling off  in a hot summer day.

Dominica adventure

swimming in a hot pool @Titanium The Dog/Flickr

Gourmet Tours

Honeymooners are generally expected to indulge themselves, and dining out is an important part of the whole experience. You will find food in Dominica to be a very pleasant surprise. While there aren’t many fancy restaurants on the island, much of the restaurant and cafes serve a range of international and Creole dishes cooked with local, fresh ingredients. For this reason, food here is very tasty and fresh. Some popular restaurants include Radjah’s Club, Randy’s and La Maison.

Rainforest adventures

It would be a pity to leave Dominica without making the best of its fabulous nature. In terms of adventure traveling, Dominica seems a gift from heaven: jungle trekking, kayaking, zip-lining, diving, sailing are just a few of the sports and activities available on the island. Jungle adventure tours, which range from short guided walks to a several day camping and wildlife watching tour can be one of the most romantic activities you’ve every tried – that is if you enjoy the great outdoors, of course.

Dominica safari adventure

jungle safari © cisc1970/Flickr

Spa retreats

And what better way to end a long and adventurous day than a visit to the spa. There are several hotels and resorts in Dominica that offer spa services, and you will find that the variety of treatments and services available here is more than satisfying. Some of the luxury hotels on the island might also include spa sessions as part of their honeymoon deals.

romantic sunrise

Dominica sunrise ©kretyen/Flickr

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