Most Popular Santo Domingo Landmarks

by krimeboy

New York might be the most visited city in America and Mexico City the most populous, but no other city can compete with Santo Domingo in terms of history. The founder of Santo Domingo was no other than Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Chistopher Columbus and its history goes back to the last decade of the 15th century, when the New World was discovered. Santo Domingo is today the thriving capital of Dominican Republic and a top destination among Caribbean cities. There is plenty to see and do in this exuberant city, but if your time is limited and you only want what’s tried and true, then here are some of the most popular Santo Domingo landmarks:

Colonial Town (Zona Colonial)

by carlos franco

The colonial town is the heart of the city, pulsating history at every corner. This is the typical historic downtown that every city prides on, with one major exception: no other European settlement on the continent has older streets or buildings. A main attraction in Zona Colonial is represented by the Casa de Cordon, once the residence of Christopher Columbus’ son, Diego.

National Botanical Garden

The Dominican Republic benefits from quite remarkable nature, so no wonder that Santo Domingo’s Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful on the continent. Bearing the name of Dr. Rafael Ma. Moscoso, a native botanist, this centrally located garden serves many purposes: nature preservation, education and awareness, recreational space.

Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Square)

The Culture Square represents a strategic attraction among Santo Domingo sights: here you can find most of the capital’s museums, from the national History and Geography Museum to the Museum of Modern Arts. If you want learn about the Dominican culture and its pre-columbian inheritance, I recommend you the Museum of Dominican Man and its impressive collection of artifacts.

Los Tres Ojos

by greychr

Los Tres Ojos, ’the three eyes’, stand for the three limestone caves that are part of Mirador del Este Park in Santo Domingo. The caves are easily accessible and quite spectacular due to the limestone formations and the subterranean river that flooded them thousands of years ago.

Catedral de Santa Maria la Menor

The Santa Maria le Menor is almost as old as the city itself. The construction is not particularly high, not is it as richly ornamented as European cathedrals from the same period (early 16th century). However, the church is worthy of a visit not only for being a first milestone in spreading Catholicism in the New World but also for the valuable furnishings, ritual objects and silver altar.



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