Most Popular Caribbean Spas

A beach vacation in the Caribbean might be your ticket to absolute relaxation. While it is true that the Caribbean is extremely popular with tourists and some beaches or resorts can become very crowded during peak season, let us not forget that we are speaking of tenths of islands and hundreds, maybe thousands of fabulous beaches. There is no doubt you will find your own piece of paradise while vacationing in the Caribbean. But why not enhance this experience with some rejuvenating spa sessions? Expert masseurs and revolutionary spa therapies in a unique decorum are the secret ingredients that make these following locations worthy of being considered some of the most popular Caribbean spas:

Sandy Lane Spa, Babrados

by dennis wong

The Sandy Lane resort has given luxury a whole new definition. For several decades, this trend setting resort and spa has enchanted its lucky guests with the privileges of kings and gods. With marble interiors and innovative therapies from all over the world, Sandy lane Spa promises the best of the best. Whether you prefer a specific massage, an aromatherapy session or some hydrotherapy, relaxation and unequaled state of well-being are guaranteed.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caiacos

by dennis wong

It’s hard to decide which exactly is the main characteristic that makes this Parrot Cay the prime destination in Turks and Caiacos: the mile-long private beach, the turquoise waters or the world-famous spa center? It might as well be the spa, as private beaches and clear water are the standard around the Caribbean. The guests of Parrot Cay can enjoy some tried and true remedies of Asian spa tradition as Ayurveda principles, warm stone massage, yoga and some amazing facials.

One and Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

The One and Only hotel chain has already gathered enough experience and prestige in order to open a hotel in every luxury destination in the world, from Dubai to the Caribbean. And the attention they invest in their spa rooms and services might represent one of the main reasons behind their success. Guests can opt for a private massage in the warm ambience of their rented villas or decide to make the most of the tropical gardens and their refreshing Jacuzzi baths.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Jamaica

by swaradila weesy

Somehow Jamaican resorts always make it to the tops, no matter what the criteria we apply. Occupying a small peninsula with private villas and lush vegetation, the round hill hotel is making sure that guests are literarly ‘well-treated’. This is the one place where nature and outdoor activities are not neglected. Practically, most of the therapies are taking place outside, and the stunning ocean views are considered to be part of the treatment.

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