Most Popular Caribbean Beaches

by Abeeeer

The quality of beaches is certainly an important criterion in booking a vacation in the Caribbean. Picking the very best or most beautiful beach in the Caribbean is far from an easy task, but the general taste might help you get a better idea of what you next destination should be. This is why today I will present some of the most popular Caribbean beaches. While these following beaches might be a little bit too crowded for honeymooners or privacy seekers, they certainly make great choices for all those who want to have the best of Caribbean’s sand, water and sun:

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Negril is usually the first name that comes up when speaking of Jamaica unrivalled beaches. One of the most sought-after destinations in the Caribbean, Negril is equally popular with New Age nudists and pretentious millionaires. With some of the finest sand in the whole Caribbean region, the Seven Mile beach is also appreciated for its facilities, which range from eco-lodge to ultra-luxury.

Nassau, Bahamas

The Capital of the Paradise Island of the Bahamas, Nassau is not only famous for its shopping and entertainment facilities, but also for its beaches and diving spots. There are actuallt the underwater treasures that make the beaches in Nassau hard to compete with. The diversity of the underwater fauna, the ship wrecks and the transparency of the water are the delight of every diver.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Bermuda is another favourite Caribbean destination, but what makes its beaches very special and unique is the colour of their sand, a light pink. This is due to the very fine granules of crushes coral that mix with the sand. Due to its top facilities and safety, the Horseshoe Bay has gained the reputation on Bermuda’s best beach.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is often regarded as one of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean, and it is no wonder: its mountainous geography and lush forest make the perfect accompaniment for its white sand beaches and crystalline waters.  A popular beach in Tortola is Cane Garden Bay, home to some of the best equipment rental shops and seaside restaurants on the island.

Trunk Bay, St John

The US Virgin Islands also get their share of popularity. Trunk Bay on the Island of St John is a long established, world class snorkelling spot. It’s also among those rare places where the ocean water is so shallow that snorkelers just have to make a few steps off the beach and find themselves surrounded by a multi-coloured underwater universe.

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