Most beautiful Caribbean lagoons

Mexican lagoon ©eschipul/Flickr

Thanks to a few very successful Hollywood blockbusters and to some really good nature photographers, lagoons have become the symbol of heavenly vacations in exotic beach resorts. We all know how a lagoon is born: a natural barrier is born (usually a stretch of land or a coral barrier) and then the water trapped between the barrier and the shore becomes something like a shallow, natural pool. Lagoons are very frequent in the Caribbean, where half of the islands were formed by corals. If you ever dreamed about spending a week or two on some secluded beach surrounded by lush vegetation and by the turquoise waters of a lagoon, then maybe you’d like to check out these most beautiful Caribbean lagoons:

Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica

The Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica is not necessarily your typical lagoon, having been a centerpiece in Jamaica’s sugar commerce and serving as a commercial port for many, many years. Yet, this lagoon is not called ‘luminous’ for nothing and nor is it famous with no reason. In the shallow waters of the lagoon live millions and trillions of ‘glow in the dark’ bacteria, who make the lagoon’s waters become luminous – thus creating a rare and spectacular phenomenon.

lagoon fish ©Jim Bahn/Flickr

Blue Lagoon, Bahamas

You might already be familiar with this authentic piece of tropical heaven, even without knowing it: the Blue Lagoon served as filming location for numerous Hollywood movies. This beautiful lagoon near Nassaumight not be as secluded as you have imagined it, but it is certainly worth swimming in its crystal-clear, warm waters, along with the friendly dolphins.

blue lagoon ©Penningtron/Flickr

Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort, Martinique

Allegedly the best luxury resort in Martinique, Le Cap Est combines the beauty and tranquility of a Caribbean lagoon with a sumptuous decorum and the privacy of your own deluxe suite. And just in case the catamaran excursions around the lagoon, or the swimming, sunbathing and tennis sessions are not enough, be sure that the hotel’s spa will be able to induce that much-desired state of perfect relaxation.

Chankanaab National Park, Mexico

Mexico was blessed with some of the most beautiful Caribbean lagoons.  The lagoon at Chankanaab, near Cozumel, has gained a national park status due to its rich and varied underwater fauna. This also makes Chankanaab and ideal place to snorkel and dive, but also engage in other fun family activities, such as swimming with the dolphins, feeding the sea lions and manatees, or simply listen to the numerous pirate legends in the area.

Mexican lagoon ©eschipul/Flickr

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