Kid-friendly Activities in St Martin

horseback riding

riding on the beach ©photoloni/Flickr

With its ever interesting creole culture and famous duty-free shops, the Caribbean island of St Martin is an appealing beach destination. Whether you decide to go on the French side or the Dutch side, you will find this island to be an entertaining destination – a place where it’s hard to get bored.

Moreover, St Martin is one of those destinations that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. While couples and big groups will love the island’s restaurants and shops, families will children will find plenty of places and activities that will allow them to spend quality time together. Here are a few suggestions:

A trip at the beach

It would be a pity to travel to any Caribbean location and not make the best of the fabulous beaches and water. Especially when traveling with kids, which seem so fond of splashes and sand castles. When it comes to St Martin, some beaches are more family-friendly than others. Galion Beach is highly recommended for kids of all ages. The clean, shallow waters allow everyone to enjoy the sea, and are perfect for snorkeling. Older kids can learn surfing and windsurfing.

young snorkeler

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The Carousel

Carousels are an all time children’s favorite attraction. There is only one attraction of this kind in St Martin, which is near Simpson Bay. It is not the largest or most sophisticated carousel in the world, but it does its job. And, most importantly, it has one of the biggest and best ice cream parlors on the island.

beach fun

St Martin beach ©Loimere/Flickr


It is often hard to travel with toddlers, and few places seem perfectly suitable for kids of their age. This is why a place like Kidsworld-SXM can be so popular with families. There are numerous kid-friendly activities in this mini amusement park, and a few which address toddlers in particular. Older kids might also enjoy the park’s pedal karts and funky mirrors.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of those classic activities that kids enjoy, and luckily there are several resorts and businesses in St Martin that offer this activity. Adults and kids alike will be delighted to discover the island and its natural beauties from a new perspective. Horses are well-trained so you don’t even need to much experience to go on a private tour. Some of these tours can be very exciting, as they might involve horseback swimming. Also, there will be ponies for the smaller children who are keen of riding.

horseback riding

riding on the beach ©photoloni/Flickr


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