Historic plantation houses in the Caribbean

colonial house Charlotte Amalie©roger4336/Flickr

The history of the Caribbean is not as sunny and bright as its beaches: in the colonial period, agriculture and not tourism was the main industry in the Caribbean. Plantations lords used slaves to cultivate the exotic plants and sugar cane, and the seas were under the constant menace of pirates. Today, some plantations still exist, but their monumental houses where the plantation owners and their families lived have become historical monuments, ruins or luxury hotels. If you ever have time for visiting the following historic plantation houses in the Caribbean, don’t miss the opportunity: you’ll get the chance to see a whole new dimension of this region and maybe listen to some interesting local legends:

Fisherpond House, Barbados

As you all know very well, Barbados is a Caribbean island famous for its sugar cane plantation and rum distilleries. Barbados is home to some of the most beautiful and well preserved plantation houses in the Caribbean – and Fisherpond Plantation House is certainly one of the best. The house is over 3 centuries old and a 2 in 1 attraction – with wonderful, antique furnishings and a signature restaurant, the Fisherpond house is both instructive and entertaining.

Morne Fendue, Grenada

restored plantation house © maveric2003/Flickr

The Morne Fendue plantation house in Grenada is another gem of the colonial style. This house is only one century old, however its unique location at the foothills of Grenada’s mountains makes it a great place to spend your vacation. Although the house is now a hotel, you will get a chance to learn about its history in the adjacent little museum.

Sunbury Plantation House, Barbados

sunbury plantation house ©OakleyOriginals/Flickr

Back to Barbados, the Sunbury Plantation House is another construction worthy of our historic plantation houses in the Caribbean list.  This is one of the oldest colonial houses you’ll have the chance to visit – it was built in 1660! It is also one of the most well-preserved: during the guided tours you’ll have the chance to admire not only some of the original furniture but also tools and equipment used hundreds of years ago.

Koal Keel, Anguilla

Anguilla is also the proud host of some of the finest plantation houses – among which the Koal Keel. This is another of the beautiful old plantation houses that talented people have transformed into a remarkable dining house. With a nice patio and its own wine cellar, this former Dutch plantation house has hardly any rival among the Anguilla restaurants.

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