Historic Caribbean Beach Resorts


Sandy Lane detail ©javajoba/Flickr

Holiday travel in the Caribbean might be a relative recent invention, but people have been traveling in the region for centuries, for business or for exploration. And while resorts and hotels have sprung faster than mushrooms after a summer rain, there are still many places that have preserved their historic charm.

Old colonial towns, ports and plantation houses have often been transformed in chic and lavish hotels. Also, there are resorts in the Caribbean that are several decades old: to the point that they can be called ‘historic’. We invite you to discover a few of these amazing Caribbean resorts:


Hotel Ingalterra, Havana

This historic four star hotel in Havana is considered to be the oldest in Cuba. The whitewashed neoclassic facade of Hotel Inglaterra is fits perfectly into the architecture of old Havana. Although the hotel was built almost 150 years ago, the central location and classic luxury have helped it built a sturdy reputation. For a total immersion into the atmosphere of old Havana, don’t miss a visit to the hotel’s own restaurant and cafe.

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Hotel Inglaterra Dining Room ©ahisgett/Flickr

Crane Hotel, Barbados

Barbados’ oldest resort is definitely worth seeing. The resort was opened in 1887, but you will find that some of the buildings that are much older – more than 200 years old. The Crane is as encompassing and comfortable as it is old: it features luxurious sea-view, several public infinity pools, restaurants, shops and sports facilities. Another reason to come here is that Crane Hotel is also one of the most popular with celebrities – look around cause you never know what Hollywood star or famous singer sits next to you.

Barbados hotel

The Crane © lns1122/Flickr

The Gallery Inn, San Juan

Situated in the picturesque capital of Puerto Rico, the Gallery Inn is unique in its combination of vintage furnishings and artistic events. Half a hotel and half an arts center, this is the kind of Caribbean beach resort that artsy travelers will fall in love with at first sight.  When not joining a jam session or taking part in a debate, you can relax in one of the numerous interior gardens, or simply wander around the charming streets of old San Juan.

Sandy Lane, Barbados

This is probably not the first, nor the last time you will hear about Sandy Lane. This lavish Barbadian resort has built a strong reputation as one of Caribbean’s best luxury hotel. Located in a beautiful, secluded beach, Sandy Lane is ideal for honeymooners, but equally friendly with families. An awarded restaurant, world-class golf club and a spa complex compliment the elegant rooms and suites.


Sandy Lane detail ©javajoba/Flickr



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