Guide to Nightlife in Guadeloupe

by Raissa B

A fabulous diving location during the day, Guadeloupe becomes a colorful and animated place at night. The butterfly shaped archipelago is famous for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, so it can be hard to imagine it caught in the dancing fever at night. However, this is exactly the case and the people of Guadeloupe are very proud of their dancing tradition and skills. But dance clubs are not all that this guide to nightlife in Guadeloupe is about: if you are in no mood for soca or reggae you can as well enjoy a typical Caribbean dinner in a locally owned restaurant or hang around a roulette table in one of the island’s casinos. Check out the following suggestions and learn how to make the best of your tropical evenings in Guadeloupe:

Restaurants and Cafes

by sklathill

Dining out is one of the absolute musts when traveling in Guadeloupe. The island offers a delightful mix of cuisines and cooking styles, from the authentic Creole to fusion and French gourmet. You can start your evening early with an aromatic coffee drink at Iguane Café, Green Café or La Playa. Aux Artistes, Les Salines, La Savane and Passion Creole are some of the top rated restaurants on the island – the safe choice, if I may say so.

Bars and Casinos

Your dance skills might suffer an unexpected enhancement should you stop by to sip a rum cocktail at one of Guadeloupe’s lively bars. If it’s a weekend, changes are high that you get the pleasant surprise of listening to a local reggae or jazz band playing live. Beat Brass Café, La Tchounga and Bar Americano are some favorite hangout places. As for Guadeloupe casinos, there are actually only two of them: Casino Gosier les Bains and Casino de St. Francios.

Dance Clubs

by ian murphy

Nights in Guadeloupe usually end up in a noisy dance club, where local music and international hits are equally welcomed by the distraction-hungry crowds. Merengue, salsa and calypso are three of the major dance styles enjoyed by Guadeloupe natives, so make sure you learn some steps if you want to make the best impression on the dance floor. As for the hottest clubs in the archipelago of Guadeloupe, the list includes places like Lollapalooza, Zenith, Tropikana, Le Zenith and Zoo Rock Café. Party animals should remember that parties and club events are much more frequent in winter, as most of the summer months are considered the dead season in the Caribbean.

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