Guide to Horse Riding in the Caribbean

horse riding Caribbean

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Horse riding might not be the first activity you envision when thinking about booking a vacation in the Caribbean, but you should know that this sport is quite frequent in the region. While on the bigger islands you can even find hippodromes and attend horse races, many Caribbean resorts will offer horse riding trips among their activities. And even you are not an expert rider or a fan of horse riding, riding a horse on the beach, in the orange light of a Caribbean sunset, is a one in a life time opportunity that cannot be missed. This short guide to horse riding in the Caribbean will tell you where to find the best scenery and best opportunities to practice this traditional sport:

Horse Riding Trips Jamaica

If you are interested in taking a longer horse riding trip, then Jamaica should be your first option. Jamaica has not only enough land, beaches and jungles to allow longer trips, but it also has a horse riding culture that make Jamaican stables and horse riding excursions some of the finest in the Caribbean. You can also experience different types of environments, such as beaches, mountain trails and rain forest.

beach riding

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St Lucia

What the smaller islands like St Lucia cannot offer in terms of space, will be fully compensated in terms of intensity and diversity. St Lucia is thus one of the few places in the Caribbean where one can experience riding and swimming in the same time. Some stables here offer all-terrain tours with specially trained horses, that will take you through the island’s luxuriant rainforest, silvery beaches and, finally, have you plunge into the water and ride through the silky waves on the back of your horse.

riding on the beach

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Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos islands are another popular destination with horse riders. With its shallow waters and a total length 4 miles, the Long Bay Beach on Providenciales island seems to be particularly suitable for ride and swim beach tours. Ponies are also available for small children and inexperienced riders.

Dominican Republic

Here is another island that has all the attributes for an ideal, exotic horse riding destination. While many resorts in the Dominican Republic offer horse riding as a leisure activity, there are the stables and ranches that passionate horse riders will love. Each ranch will have its specific activities, depending on its location: some specialize in horse riding and jumping lessons, while others prefer to offer excursions though the island’s magnificent scenery.

horse riding Caribbean

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