Guide to finding cheap transport in St Martin

water taxi © roger4336/Flickr

water taxi © roger4336/Flickr

The superb Caribbean island of St Martin is known for many things: its half French, half Dutch administration; its numerous duty-free shops; and its beautiful beaches. Also, the island’s positioning on a main cruise ship route, make the island one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.

For all the above mentioned reasons, those planning a Caribbean vacation might as well consider St Martin as a possible destination. Finding a convenient travel deal has never been easier, so I won’t add anything on this subject. A real problem, though, is how to cut on costs once you’ve paid your airfare and booked your hotel. Even on an island that appeals to both luxury-seekers and back-packers, daily transportation can become quite pricey. So here are a few trips on cutting transportation costs:

Airport transfer

My guide to finding cheap transport in St Martin starts at the airport. Unless you are lucky enough to have your hotel’s car or y

St Martin Airport by Toddon/Flickr

St Martin Airport ©Toddon/Flickr


our guide pick you up, it often happens that you get more or less ripped off the first time you travel to a new airport. Unfortunately, taking the cab or renting a car are the only two options in St Martin (unless you are very, very lucky and your hotel is right neat the airport).  The custom for budget-aware travelers in St Martin is to share a cab to their hotels. Also, remember that most taxis don’t have a meter, so prices are negotiable.

Across the island

If you want to travel around the island and explore its numerous beaches, the easiest (but not necessarily cheapest) way is to rent a car. A cheaper option would be to take a local bus or couch, which usually operate between the major towns. You can also take a jitney, with the only observation that their schedule can be very random. Last but not least, for small distances, walking and biking are not only free, but also good for your health.

jitney bus by Orin Zebest/Flickr

jitney bus ©Orin Zebest/Flickr

Between the islands

St Martin is fabulous, but you might also feel tempted to travel to the nearby islands and see what they have to offer. Unless you are the passenger of a cruise ship, this can be done in two ways: you can either go on a boat or with one of the local airlines. For 20 to 50$, daily ferries can take you to either Saba, St Barths or Anguilla. Those who want to adventure even further can check one of the two local airports and see routes for Air Caraibes, Caribbean Star or Winair.

water taxi by roger4336/Flickr

water taxi ©roger4336/Flickr

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