Guide to eating and drinking in Barbados

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Famous for its luxury beach resorts, fine rum and Rihanna, Barbados remains one of the most sought after destination in the Caribbean. A Barbados vacation will most likely result in postcard quality pictures, a perfect tan and new passion for Caribbean style parties. Plus, the cuisine of Barbados, an inspired mix of English, Spanish and African cooking methods, is just the perfect accompaniment for an unforgettable vacation on this exotic island. Today’s guide to eating and drinking in Barbados will familiarize you with some of Barbados’ most popular dishes and drinks, as well as some recommended restaurants where you can try out Barbados’ fine cuisine and much appreciated rum:

Favourite Barbados Dishes

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Fresh ingredients, simple cooking methods like frying or grilling and a handful of local spices are the secrets behind the savoury Barbados food. Inspired by such diverse cuisines, Barbados food is meant to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The only disadvantage with traditional Barbados cusine, is that, given the wide range of ingredients it uses – from the popular bajan mix to coconut milk or breadfruit – you’ll hardly get enough time to explore it to its full potential. However, must haves like flying fish (fish with mustard sauce), pepperpot (pork stew) or fish cakes can be found almost everywhere across the island. If you suffer from sugar tooth you can try the exotic conkies, wrapped in a banana leaf,  coconut bread or the rich chocolate fudge.

Traditional Drinks in Barbados

Rum and rum based cocktails are the traditional drinks of Barbados. Mount Gay rum is known all over the world, but the true connoisseurs will also like to visit one or two or the smaller rum distilleries. Like anywhere in the world, and especially in such a warm climate, beer is seen as a great refreshment. Banks is the beer variety preferred by most Barbadians.

Popular Barbados Restaurants

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It’s hard to give any guidance in what concerns Barbados restaurants – they’re just too many and too diverse. What’s indeed remarkable about Barbados is that one can find really good, upscale restaurants even in the most remote parts of the island. The Cliff is already a legend among Barbados holidaymakers, but  luxury restaurants like Pisces, Fish Pot, Champers or The Tides won’t disappoint you. For a nice meal, joyous atmosphere and no threat to your bank accound, any of the following will do: Café Sol, Fishermen’s Pub, Sharkey’s Bar or Ragamuffins.

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