Gambler’s Guide to the Caribbean

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Gambling is one of the popular spare time activities in Caribbean, especially among tourists. Most cruise ships sailing the Caribbean have their own casinos but even more gambling opportunities arise around the exotic islands that make up the Caribbean.
The fact that casinos are so easy to find in the Caribbean is not a coincidence: if we think at the history of this region and the numerous ports with their agitated life, it is no wonder that gambling found its place among sailors, tourists, adventurers, pirates and immigrants. If you are traveling to the Caribbean with the intention to travel you might take a look at this ‘gambler’s guide to the Caribbean’:


Quite a popular gambling destination in the Caribbean, especially among North Americans, Bahamas is home to the largest casino complex in the region: Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island. The most popular games in the archipelago of Bahamas are roulette, blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker. Other popular Casions are Isle of Capri and the Crystal Palace.


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Curacao is well known for its luxury hotels and wealthy clientele, so no wonder that casinos are omnipresent on this small island. If you choose to stay with a chain hotel like the Hilton or Marriott you will definitely have access to the adjacent casinos. If you prefer something bigger, Venito and Hill Ross are awaiting you with hundreds of shiny slot machines and good atmosphere.


The French culture on the island is less obvious when it comes to casinos: both casino houses in Martinique offer the same table games and slots as the rest of the Caribbean. But what makes Martinique a totally different experience from a gambler’s standpoint is its hippodrome: horse betting will give you a taste of a glorious past times when no one could have imagined that slot machines and the mesmerizing super-casinos in Vegas could ever be conceived.


Aruba is definitely an option for those interested in gambling in the Caribbean. If you ever heard of stud poker, then you probably know that it originates in this superb Caribbean island, so no wonder that so many casinos are concentrated within such a small surface. Popular options include Excelsior, Allegroa and Alhambra Casinos.

US Virgin Islands

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Despite the fact that it can account for just one casino, the US Virgin Islands are one of the top destinations when it comes to gambling. The reason? It is one of the only places in the Caribbean where gamblers are offered such exotic activities as dog race gambling. Plus, the currency is the US dollar, which makes things way more simpler.

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